Applied and Computational Mathematics, B.S.

Applied and Computational Mathematics, B.S.

Gain the analytic and computational skills to design and implement innovative data-driven solutions across multiple industries and sectors, with foundational and advanced knowledge of applied mathematics principles.

What You’ll Learn

The Applied and Computational Mathematics, B.S. degree offers a unique and modern selection of courses integrating computational methods, mathematical models, and data science with a strong focus on the foundations in mathematics and the sciences, as well as options for concentrations in Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computation.

You’ll gain a fundamental, transferrable skill set and the ability to create innovative computing solutions, mathematical models, and analyze complex systems to solve problems in engineering, scientific and technical consulting, insurance, biotech and life sciences, artificial intelligence, data science, and other emerging fields.

Learn to identify, formulate, abstract, and solve mathematical problems that use tools from a variety of areas, including algebra, analysis, probability, numerical analysis, and differential equations.

You can also choose to pursue the following concentrations:

  • Mathematical Modeling: Courses like Mathematics of X-Ray Imaging, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, and Mathematical Modeling Capstone will give you the quantitative skills you’ll need for mathematical problem-solving in industry and applied sciences. You’ll be able to retrieve and analyze the models for real-world systems and the problems they face in their routine life—everything from membrane filters in vacuum cleaners to the stability flight of meteorites and the impact of erosion in nature.
  • Scientific Computation: Develop the advanced technical skills you’ll need to solve problems in research, engineering, industry, and social science. Our courses in Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Numerical Optimization, combined with required core and computer science electives (or equivalent), will give you the necessary tools in data analysis, physics-based simulation, and numerical methods.

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Career Options

  • Computer Modeling Specialist
  • Engineering Design and Manufacturing
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical R&D
  • Quantitative Finance and Risk Analysis
  • Simulation and Software Developer
  • Statistician / Data Scientist

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New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

How You’ll Succeed

Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate analytical skills through problem-solving and logical thinking.
  • Write clear, well-formulated mathematical arguments for validating a conjecture.
  • Apply mathematical theory to model and solve problems dealing with physical, natural, and societal problems.
  • Use technology to solve computational problems including simulation and visualizations of models.
  • Adapt to different mathematical software environments (such as Matlab and Mathematica) that are useful for mathematical computing and modeling, and use computer simulation with technological platforms.
  • Communicate mathematical concepts and quantitative results clearly and effectively to diverse audiences, especially those who are not mathematical.
  • Develop broad, multidisciplinary knowledge across a wide range of mathematically related disciplines such as mathematical modeling, scientific computing, data science, statistics, computational physics, chemistry and biology, engineering, etc.
  • Become an exceptionally strong candidate for advanced (graduate) studies in a range of academic areas
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USNWR Best Colleges/Regional

Top-Tier Ranking

New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

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Assistant Professor of Math Vitaly Katsnelson, Ph.D., has always been drawn to the beauty and the logic of math.

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