Facilities & Resources

The College of Arts & Sciences has an array of facilities and resources from math and writing centers to advanced research labs, TV and radio studios, digital film and 3-D graphics labs, art studios, and exhibition spaces.

Communication Arts Facilities

Become skilled in the same equipment that industry pros use to create high-quality products! Our TV studios, filmmaking labs, and audio processing centers at our Long Island and New York City campuses offer practical hands-on educational experiences.

Biological and Chemical Sciences Facilities

At our sustainably designed Theobald Science Center at NYIT-Long Island, you’ll conduct experiments while researching molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and histology, among other areas of life sciences.

Math Resource Center

Need some extra help or confidence to succeed in your math class? Our Math Resource Centers, located at the Long Island and New York City campuses, are staffed by experienced teachers ready to assist you in mastering your mathematics challenges. Our services, which include exam prep and background concepts, are free.

Science Learning Center

We're here to help you excel in your science courses. Our experienced teachers offer free help with selected science courses and background concepts. Let us help you overcome your science-related challenges—and the anxiety that comes with them!

Writing Center

Whether you’re working on a poem, a research paper, or an opinion piece, you’ll find great advice and assistance at our Writing Centers in New York City or Long Island. English faculty members will help you brainstorm, review a draft, develop your ideas, or just double-check your grammar.