Chemistry student in the laboratory performing an experiment

Biological & Chemical Sciences: Facilities & Resources

Theobald Science Center in Long Island is a hub for transformative, hands-on education as well as introductory and advanced research.

Teaching Laboratories

Our state-of-the-art teaching labs allow our students to learn and experience biology, chemistry, and biotechnology. In addition to appropriate technical instrumentation, each lab has a large TV monitor and writing surfaces that deliver shared instructional information. Our biology and chemistry laboratories, which accommodate the needs of individuals as well as teams, are supported by technicians who maintain the equipment and necessary chemicals and specimens for efficient, effective instruction.

Research Laboratories

Our modern research laboratories are configured for scientific investigations in bioinformatics, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, microbiology, anatomy and histology, and pharmaceutical sciences. Faculty members provide one-to-one training and supervision of student research. You’ll also have the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on their advanced research projects.

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