NYITCOM student performing an experiment

Physiology Core Facility

The Physiology Core Facility supports medical school research efforts to examine the physiological properties of normal animals and animal models of disease. The facility contains equipment to define the cardiovascular functional properties of small rodents. It has contributed to a range of research performed by NYITCOM researchers examining the effects of therapeutic approaches on cardiovascular function under normal conditions and following heart failure. Student access is limited to students participating in related faculty-led research projects.

Our equipment includes:

  • GE Vivid-7 echocardiographic suite
  • SciSense pressure-volume acquisition system (including catheters, hardware, and LabScribe software)
  • Millar Electrophysiology Catheter for rats and mice
  • 8-channel-programmable stimulator
  • Octal Bio Amp
  • PowerLab 8/35
  • LabChart Pro data acquisition system


Kenneth J. Riland Academic Health Care Building, NYIT-Long Island