Specimen being extracted

Genomic & Molecular Biology Core Facility

NYITCOM’s Genomic and Molecular Biology Core Facility provides medical school researchers with a range of genetic techniques and resources to explore the basis of human health and disease. Located in the Riland Health Care Center are resources to perform analysis of animal and human genomes and to quantitate gene expression in cells and tissues. Located in the Rockefeller Building are services to generate bacterial and viral expression vectors to express normal and mutant proteins in cells and animals.

The Genetics and Molecular Biology Core Facility assists medical school researchers in a wide range of studies ranging from the genetic variations present in human diseases to the effect of specific genetic manipulations on cell and organismal function. Student access is limited to students participating in related faculty-led research projects.

Our equipment includes:

  • Agilent C-Microarray scanner with DNA Analytic Workstation and Acuity 4.0 Microarray Informatics software.
  • Multiple Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) thermocyclers with quantitative PCR capability.
  • UV PCR Workstation and CodeOnCode Sequence Aligner software.


Kenneth J. Riland Academic Health Care Building and Rockefeller Building, NYIT-Long Island