NYIT Architecture and Design students at graduation

About the School of Architecture & Design

Mission and Vision

Our mission within the School of Architecture and Design is to provide a design- and technology-based 21st-century professional education that enables leadership in the profession and within the community. We’ve identified three core values, or educational aspirations, to guide our approach:

  • Design Intelligence, which refers to broad-based skills and intellectual rigor you’ll earn by completing a challenging curriculum that emphasizes individual creativity as well as an appreciation of history, culture, and the contributions made by architects to the art and science of building.
  • Building Technology, which establishes the importance we place on technology within our coursework and approach. This value is manifested in a well-developed, hands-on curriculum in structures, environmental systems, sustainability, and building construction.
  • Leadership, an attribute of character that we aspire to instill in all of our graduates. This is cultivated in many aspects of their education, including the inclusion of program-wide team projects that demand cohesive interaction and establishment of clear organizational structures to achieve project goals. Leadership is also developed through the holistic and ethical foundations of your New York Tech educational experience. We actively participate in national and international initiatives where you’ll gain self confidence by working in collaboration with other institutions and organizations.

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The history of the School of Architecture and Design has been closely associated with the development of New York Tech as an institution of higher education. Today, we are, in many respects, in the best position we have ever been in. Of note:

  • Accomplished adjunct and full-time faculty are infusing the classrooms and curriculum with new, invigorative levels of expertise.
  • We collaborate on projects with other universities, community groups, government officials, professional associations, and interdisciplinary partners.
  • Our Advisory Board is made up of world class leaders in the profession who provide valuable advice and guidance.
  • Our students and faculty receive patents, awards, and invitations to lecture or consult, and have even been invited to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives on the importance of renewable energy.
  • Alumni participation and support has risen to record levels.

Significant historic milestones of the School of Architecture and Design include:

1973: The New York Board of Regents of the State of New York authorized New York Tech to offer a five-year professional architecture program. The degree path is implemented as an option in the third year of the existing four-year curriculum.

1984: The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design program gains professional accreditation from the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research (FIDER). FIDER is eventually renamed CIDA; the Interior Design Program currently possesses CIDA accreditation status.

1997: The New York Board of Regents of the State of New York authorizes the offering of a post-professional Master of Architecture in Urban and Regional Design.

2001: Following a national search, New York Tech President Edward Guiliano appoints Judith DiMaio, then an associate professor at Yale University’s School of Architecture and the director of the undergraduate major in Architecture at Yale College, as dean of the NYIT School of Architecture and Design.

2010: The School of Architecture and Design realigns its foundation courses to facilitate greater interdisciplinary/collaborative alignment with the B.F.A. in interior design, the B.Arch., and B.S.A.T. degrees.