Student getting assistance from a faculty member, as in the background, two other students compare notes on a computer

Green Mountain College Students

We’re here to help.

We were saddened to hear about our Green Mountain College colleagues closing their doors, and understand the difficult position you are now facing. Please know that we are glad to lend our assistance so that you can continue to pursue your educational goals.

At New York Institute of Technology, we want to make your transition from Green Mountain College as easy as possible. That’s why we invite you to apply to New York Tech as a transfer student and offer you these benefits:

  • Our expert admissions staff will automatically review your application for maximum scholarship consideration—up to $18,000 in scholarships!
  • New York Tech advisors are available to discuss majors structured to maximize transfer credit awards.

Why should you choose New York Tech?

At New York Tech, you’ll have the advantage of real-world, hands-on experiences and the benefit of working with award-winning faculty in fields ranging from engineering to education, arts to architecture, and management to medicine. With over 90 undergraduate and graduate academic programs to choose from, we have the program you’re looking for.

Since 1955, New York Tech has pursued its mission to:

  • Provide career-oriented professional education.
  • Give all qualified students access to opportunity.
  • Support applications-oriented research that benefits the larger world.

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