How to Apply: Graduate

How to Apply: Graduate

Thanks for your interest in New York Tech! Your potential to excel in your studies and in your field is assured when you continue your education at New York Tech. Our forward-thinking and technology-driven programs, research, and expert faculty will prepare you for the career you’re seeking.

We review applications for admission and scholarships on a rolling basis, as long as space is available.

International students apply

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Automatic Admission for Farmingdale State College Students

Farmingdale students who graduate with a minimum GPA of 2.85 and meet other admissions criteria can continue their education at New York Tech in five of the school’s 30-credit M.S. degree programs: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Learn more.

Admission Requirements

Each graduate program has additional admission requirements.


College of Arts and Sciences

College of Engineering and Computing Sciences

School of Architecture and Design

School of Health Professions

School of Management

College of Osteopathic Medicine


Regular Admission: Applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis, as long as space is available. The following specific programs have separate deadlines:

  • Architecture, M.Arch.: January 15 for fall start; late applications will be reviewed as space allows
  • Architecture, Computational Technologies, M.S.: June 15 (fall start); late applications will be reviewed as space allows
  • Architecture, Health and Design, M.S.: January 15 (fall start); late applications will be reviewed as space allows
  • Architecture, Urban Design, M.S.: January 15 (fall start); late applications will be reviewed as space allows
  • Biomedical Sciences, M.S.: July 1 (summer start - Jonesboro only)
  • Occupational Therapy, OTD: October 1 (Priority Deadline for May start), March 31 (extended deadline)
  • Occupational Therapy, M.S.: October 1 (Priority Deadline for May start), May 1 (extended deadline)
  • Online Data Science, M.S.: December 15 (Spring/January Start), May 1 (Summer/May Start), July 26 (Fall/September Start); late applications will be reviewed as space allows
  • Physical Therapy, D.P.T.: October 15 (Soft Deadline), December 15 (Firm Deadline) (summer start)
  • Physician Assistant Studies, M.S.: October 1  (fall start)
  • Public Health, M.P.H.: July 1 (fall start - online program)

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete an Application


Complete the New York Tech Online Application for all graduate programs, unless you are applying to a program below. There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee.

New York Tech Online Application

There is a different application for the following programs:  

Step 2: Submit Required Application Materials


New York Tech prefers electronic submission of documents. Please submit your documents electronically to ensure efficient processing by New York Tech.

With the submission of your application, you must upload unofficial transcripts. Applicants must upload unofficial transcripts, all mark sheets, provisional certificates or academic records for each institution previously attended to be used for evaluation purposes only. You must request official transcripts from all institutions you attended be sent directly to the Office of Admissions if you are admitted to New York Tech. We do not require official documents when you first apply. Any fraudulent activity or discrepancies found between unofficial and official transcripts will result in the immediate revocation of the admission offer. Please do not mail materials that you have uploaded unless specifically requested by the Office of Admissions.

You may upload documents even if you have already your submitted your application. Check your application status and upload your documents.

If you previously attended New York Tech, you do not need to request a transcript from the Office of the Registrar. We already have this.

Submit official GRE or GMAT scores, if applicable to program requirements.
New York Tech GRE Code: 2561
New York Tech GMAT Codes

  • Full time (9 or more credits): OQN-RL-35
  • Part-time (less than 9 credits): OQN-RL-74
MAT Code: 1487

Submit your application materials:

Submit your documents.

New York Tech participates in several electronic transcripts networks: National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment Exchange, Scoir, and eSCRIP-SAFE. If your prior institution does not participate with one of our networks, they may send an electronic official transcript directly to New York Tech at If you recently submitted supporting documents, please allow the Office of Admissions at least 2-4 weeks to process your materials.

If required, you may email other documents to or fax to 516.686.1116.

Our mailing address is:

Office of Admissions
New York Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 8000
Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000

Additional Information

Check Your Application Status


Throughout the admission process, you can check on the status of your application. We will communicate with you via email regarding missing documents required for your application. If you recently submitted these items, please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process these materials.

Graduate Credits


If you have received graduate credits at another college and would like to request transfer credits, please complete the Graduate Credit Transfer Form.

New York Tech will accept a limited number of credits from other accredited institutions for courses where the student has received a B or better. This is assuming that credits have not been applied toward another awarded degree.

If you have attended New York Tech in the past and are interested in re-enrolling:


Depending on how long you have been away from New York Tech, different requirements apply for readmission.

Former Graduate Student Readmission

Bridge Program


International applicants who only completed a three year bachelor program are to be a candidate for the bridge program. The bridge program option requires the student to complete additional credits before she/he may begin the graduate program. The academic advisor will assist the student in determining the specific courses needed. These courses must be all undergraduate courses or a combination of undergraduate coursework along with graduate courses. Upon completion of these credits, with a minimum 3.0 grade point average, the bridge program condition will be met. Students are required to complete the bridge portion of the program before beginning the master’s program. The required bridge credits are in addition to the graduate program degree map credits.

If you feel your education is equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree, you should submit an evaluation report from an evaluation agency.