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Registering as a visiting student is easy! Whether you want to try out a major, make progress while you are home from school or just continue your education, New York Tech has options for you!

As a visiting student you can complete up to 24 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits. If you want to take more credits, you can apply to a New York Tech degree program as a first-year, transfer, or graduate student, and the credits you earned can be applied to your degree.

Students under the age of 18 who wish to register as visiting students at New York Tech will need parental/guardian consent to complete the registration process.

NOTE: Current students should register directly in the Student Service HUB.

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*Note: Cost does not reflect any fees for registration.

Academic Level Credits Cost* Term Subject Course Name Course Title
ACCT Accounting Accounting I A study of accounting fundamentals. Topics include the accounting cycle, statement preparation, systems, asset valuations, accounting concepts and principles for the sole proprietorship. MA Show Classes GRAD 1.5 $2,310.00 ACCT Fall 2023 Accounting ACCT 501 Accounting I
FINC Finance E-Finance and Online Investing Financial markets are undergoing a rapid e-technology-driven evolution. The Internet offers investors access to a great wealth of relevant information and e-technology also allows for a speedy processing and communicating of such information. The growing complexity of the investment environment - due to accelerating technological changes, globalization, and creation of new exotic securities - is confronting the investor with new opportunities and challenges. This course addresses the opportunities and the challenges by introducing students to the current e-finance tools including financial calculators (CFA versions), menu-driven computerized financial programs, and to several of the leading financial Web sites including: (1) (an Internet version of the Bloomberg Machine commonly used by brokers and traders); and (2) Thomson ONE Business School Edition (similar to the system used by financial analysts and dealers). MA Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 FINC Fall 2023 Finance FINC 751 E-Finance and Online Investing
FINC Finance Finance An overview of the financial management function in modern business, emphasizing the time value of money and financial analysis. The financial and economic environment and capital markets and securities are covered. MA Show Classes GRAD 1.5 $2,310.00 FINC Fall 2023 Finance FINC 501 Finance
FINC Finance Financial Management Topics covered in FINC 601 span a broad spectrum of financial markets and of corporate financial practices to emphasize the development of a comprehensive framework for the theory and practice of financial decision-making. This course uses data and information technology resources to bridge the gap between abstract theories and managerial practices. MA Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 FINC Fall 2023 Finance FINC 601 Financial Management
EDPC Education Pedagogical Core Foundations I: Philosophy of Education Foundations of education focuses on the continuum of thought framing the past, present, and future understanding of the education profession. Candidates explore the disciplines of educational philosophy, educational history, educational psychology, educational sociology, along with curricular theory, gender and cultural theory, technology-enhanced learning theory, and philosophical outlooks on the future of the education profession. Using a New Media process of research, reflection, and analysis, each candidate develops a rigorous, well documented personal philosophy of education. This philosophy initiates each candidate's web-based professional portfolio. Candidates are expected to make additions and revisions to this philosophy each succeeding semester as specified in the final portfolio requirements for the degree. Field observations and experiences are required and integrated into the course. OLCE Show Classes GRAD 3 $1,800.00 EDPC Fall 2023 Education Pedagogical Core EDPC 603 Foundations I: Philosophy of Education
BUSI Business Subjects Global Strategy II MA Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 BUSI Fall 2023 Business Subjects BUSI 750 Global Strategy II
BIOL Biology Independent Research I OL Show Classes UGRD 1 $1,420.00 BIOL Fall 2023 Biology BIOL 491 Independent Research I
EDPC Education Pedagogical Core Institute in Education Institutes in Education are designed as intensive courses.The topics are developed around current issues consistent with specific needs in the educational community. The requisite hours for a 3 credit graduate course are met and candidates are required to complete all assignments within three weeks of the final day the course meets. Candidates may take only one Institute as part of their master's degree. OLCE Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 EDPC Fall 2023 Education Pedagogical Core EDPC 664 Institute in Education
PHYS Physics Introduction to Modern Physics Laboratory This course introduces students to some of the most important experiments in physics, which signify the transition from classical to modern physics. The experiments include but are not limited to studies of the photoelectric effect, the Millikan oil drop, and wave-particle duality for light and electrons. MA|OW Show Classes UGRD 1 $1,420.00 PHYS Fall 2023 Physics PHYS 226 Introduction to Modern Physics Laboratory
MSME Med Healthcare Simulation Leadership and Management OL Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 MSME Fall 2023 Med Healthcare Simulation MSME 752 Leadership and Management
MGMT Management Multinational Business Management Aimed at development of a framework and methodology for identification and management of the key factors leading to competitive advantage in the global business arena. Contemporary trends shaping the external environment of multinational business enterprises are discussed. Major emphasis is placed on strategic and operational planning in key functional areas. MA Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 MGMT Fall 2023 Management MGMT 735 Multinational Business Management
ECON Economics Principles of Economics II An examination of the processes of price determination, output, and resource allocation in perfect and imperfect competition. Also covers labor economics, international trade and finance, and alternative economic systems. MA Show Classes GRAD 1.5 $2,310.00 ECON Fall 2023 Economics ECON 510 Principles of Economics II
MSME Med Healthcare Simulation Standardized Patient Education This course will review two (2) aspects of standardized patient education: 1) how standardized patients are used in medical education; and 2) how to prepare standardized patients for medical education and skills assessment. Students will also learn how to develop and manage a standardized patient program for the use in the clinical training of medical students and clinicians. OL Show Classes GRAD 3 $4,620.00 MSME Fall 2023 Med Healthcare Simulation MSME 653 Standardized Patient Education
ICSS Social Science Core The American Character: A Global Perspective This seminar will explore five features of the "American Character" from a global perspective. The course will examine historical and contemporary developments, which include the twenty-first century and beyond. MA Show Classes UGRD 3 $4,260.00 ICSS Fall 2023 Social Science Core ICSS 303 The American Character: A Global Perspective
ICLT Literature Core The Graphic Novel and Memoir The course examines the art of the graphic novel in the twentieth and twenty-first century fiction. In terms of structure and organization, students will learn the basic characteristics of a graphic novel, that is the sequence of panels, their interaction on the page, and the interconnectedness between words and images. Because graphic novels convey meaning through both visual and verbal cues, students will spend time analyzing the ways in which illustrations and words synthesize meaning. In graphic memoirs, in particular, students will explore the art of storytelling, in other words, the artist’s choices when narrating a personal narrative. OL Show Classes UGRD 3 $4,260.00 ICLT Fall 2023 Literature Core ICLT 334 The Graphic Novel and Memoir