Research is how New York Tech makes the world a better place. Our faculty and students work together on interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial approaches to tackle the world's biggest challenges in STEM areas, including technology, medicine, design, management, healthcare, and much more. From undergraduate research opportunities in engineering, architecture, life sciences, to advanced research conducted by our medical students, researchers at New York Tech fight the war on cybercrime, improve therapies for patients battling Parkinson's, Ehlers Danlos, heart, and kidney diseases, and develop designs and solutions for a safer, more sustainable future.

NYIT professor in research lab

Features and Videos

NYITCOM Student Uses Social Media to Address Health Misinformation

A new research paper in the journal JMIR Dermatology, co-authored by NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine student Moshe Bressler, reveals a major concern among dermatologists: social media plays a dangerous role in spreading misinformation on skin health.

Emergent Technologies Symposium Inspires With Innovative Projects

In late February and early March, New York Tech held its first-ever Future with Emergent Technologies Symposium, a two-part series for faculty and staff that focused on work inside and outside the classroom in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence.

Improving the Understanding of Cranial Birth Defects

New research by Assistant Professor of Anatomy Akinobu Watanabe, Ph.D., will examine how the brain and skull have interacted over millions of years as well as in the days and weeks before birth to understand their evolution and development.

Driving Safely, Under the Influence of Trust

To enhance the safety, security, and efficiency of driving, Associate Professor Wenjia Li, Ph.D., and graduate student Chenyue Zhang propose a novel solution to evaluate the trustworthiness of cars’ navigation messages through an artificial intelligence-enabled trust management system (AIT) using deep learning algorithms and blockchain technology.

Uncovering How Ancient Animals Walked on Land

New research led by Assistant Professor Julia Molnar, Ph.D., explains how early tetrapods went from paddling in water to walking on land.

NIH Awards Olga Savinova, Ph.D., $1.8 Million Research Grant

Assistant Professor Olga Savinova, Ph.D., received a $1.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to improve the understanding of atherosclerosis and deliver a new treatment for heart disease.

Caring for the Commons

In a paper co-authored by Associate Professor of Marketing Colleen P. Kirk, D.P.S., researchers experiment with psychological ownership to help consumers take better care of public spaces.

NYITCOM Student Honored for Hypertension Research

Nicole Maddie received the prestigious 2020 Hypertension New Investigator Award for her research on metabolic issues linked to fat around the aorta.

News Spotlight

Woman scientist using lab machinery in new engineering and biology lab

New Lab Fosters Interdisciplinary Research in Engineering and Biology

In 2020, New York Institute of Technology opened the Biomedical Sciences and Bioengineering Laboratory, allowing faculty to train students and pursue interdisciplinary research.Read the story


Research Centers

  • Center for Cancer Research

    Multidisciplinary approaches are used to study the mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, develop innovative technologies for earlier cancer detection and diagnosis, and discover novel cancer therapy

  • Center for Facility and Infrastructure Systems

    Conducts research that identifies improvements to buildings and other structures, demonstrating effective programs for implementing upgrades

  • Center for Water Resources Management

    Develops and advances innovative practices, solutions, legal strategies, and management of a range of water resource settings

  • Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center

    Focuses on IT and cybersecurity; bioengineering and medical devices; and energy and green technologies

  • Global Health

    Explores risk factors, causes of disease, and determinants of healthcare/delivery systems


    Specialties include anatomy, biomedical, family medicine, OMM, and clinical specialties

  • Sports Medicine

    Specialties include OMM, physical and occupational therapies, training, nutrition, and concussion and injury prevention and treatment