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Student Leadership: New York City

Are you interested in making an impact on the student experience? Become a student leader with the New York City Student Government Association (SGA) or plan campus programming and events with the Student Programming Association (SPA). Either way, you’ll make new friends, gain new skills, and make change happen at New York Tech.

SGA Responds to the Crisis in Ukraine

In times of local and global unrest, it is important for our New York Tech community to be supportive of all who are experiencing hardships. New York Tech’s Student Government Associations (SGA) and many other community members have asked how they can help during this current time of crisis. In response, the SGA has set up a UNICEF USA collection site where community members can donate money. All collected funds will go directly to UNICEF USA to provide aid to children suffering in Ukraine and as refugees in Eastern Europe.


Student Government Association (SGA)

New York Tech's Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body. SGA advocates on behalf of student interests—academic, cultural, and special interest. SGA is charged with working with the college's faculty and administration to improve every facet of the student experience.

In addition to acting as a liaison with New York Tech's administration, SGA oversees the budgeting process for all recognized student organizations, and supports a variety of campus-wide events.


The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be to respond to and resolve, to the best of its ability, those issues or concerns that are expressed by members of the currently enrolled undergraduate student body. The Student Government Association, through its elected representatives, shall be the New York Institute of Technology student organization recognized by administration as having the responsibility to act on all matters that promote the general welfare of the student body. Each campus will elect their individual governing body and shall abide the constitution of the SGA of New York Tech. The Student Government Association’s primary function shall be to assist in the establishment and maintenance of conditions leading to high scholastic standards, achievement, and enriched extra-curricular activities.

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Student Programming Association

As a member of the Student Programming Association, you'll help plan and organize a calendar of large and small social events, entertainment, lectures, and service projects that bring enjoyment, inspiration, and connection to the student community.

Join us and help to:

  • Create social events that bring together anyone willing and ready to have fun.
  • Host educational lectures that motivate us to achieve more.
  • Sponsor community service projects that help us connect and give back to the communities where we live and study.