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Clubs & Organizations

Explore ways to enhance your New York Tech experience. Make new friends who share your interests, be a leader on campus, and create events that welcome students from all around the globe.

You can also start a club that pairs your passion with the entire New York Tech community. Help shape co-curricular activities that define the New York Tech experience for students across multiple interests, including science and technology, the arts, entertainment, politics, architecture and design, education, healthcare, public service, business, or religion.

Contact the Office of Student Engagement,, or call 212.261.1509 and learn how you can get involved on campus.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field's challenges. As the world's largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM also supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for life-long learning, career development, and professional networking.


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student Association is committed to facilitating active improvement in medical education and involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the medical professions. We aim to assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents, and post-MD/DO trainees and advancing the profession of medicine.



BMES provides the tools and resources you'll need to excel in the field of biomedical engineering. This club provides career and business development opportunities as well as networking and cross-sector collaborations between academia and healthcare.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is an organization that allows engineering students to apply the knowledge that we learn in class to projects and activities. Even though most of our topics are engineering based, IEEE is not limited to just engineering majors, all majors are encouraged to help with projects and benefit from our sessions.


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Our lifelong mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. We strive to accomplish the following objectives for our organization: stimulate and develop student interest in the various engineering disciplines; increase the number of minority students studying engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; encourage members to seek advanced degrees in engineering or related fields and to obtain professional engineering registrations; promote public awareness of engineering and the opportunities for Blacks and other minorities in that profession; and function as a representative body on issues and developments that affect the careers of Black Engineers.



Our mission is to help undergraduate and graduate students to discover and engage in the entrepreneurial facets of emerging technologies. NYIT Ventures© plans to create a focal point revolving around the Venture Capital Industry and technological investments in Energy (Renewable, Green Tech), Biometrics (Security), and Information Technology applications through three Committees: Research & Development, Business Development, and Marketing.


Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Society of Women Engineers is an inclusive organization focused on scholarship, networking, and issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers. SWE stimulates women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrates the value of diversity. SWE is also a driving force in the establishment of engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women.




The Black Student Union serves as a forum for communication amongst diverse students and faculty through discussions and guest speakers. Black Student Union hopes to involve the community in its efforts to attain respect for cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence, in the interest of NYIT students, concentrating on the Black/African-American community.



The Muslim Student Association is a religious and cultural organization that serves the campus community by creating events that promote diversity and activism. Our goal is to unify people of different backgrounds to create a close-knit community. The MSA serves as a platform where students of diverse backgrounds and cultures come together to share ideas and learn from each other about Islam.



The Pride Alliance is here for the entire NYIT community where LGBTQ+ students and ally students are welcome to express themselves and learn in the process. Being a part of this club means that you will have a platform to be heard and make decisions that will leave a lasting impact on the school and the school’s environment for others to do so as well. You will gain knowledge from panels and group discussions determined to educate students on issues still present in the LGBT community and you will be given the opportunity to have experiences you might not have thought about pursuing before. We encourage collaboration, inclusivity, and progress towards the larger and ever-present goal of bringing the students at NYIT closer together.



Our organization is a vehicle of cultural empowerment, education, and awareness of African, Caribbean, and black culture in order to eradicate stereotypes, celebrate our unique traditions, and unite the NYIT community under the notion of not losing sight of one's roots.


South Asian Student Association (SASA)

Open to all students, SASA unites South Asian students from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka with the goal of spreading awareness throughout NYIT and New York City. The mission of SASA is to spread the South Asian culture and unite the South Asian population in the NYIT Manhattan campus. This association is open to all ethnicities and races and is not limited to South Asian students.




NYIT Dance Club is an organization where students can come together to know each other, network, make friends, and express themselves stylistically through various types of dance. In a friendly and fun environment, students will learn about teamwork and how to communicate as a team. You can also join our dance team, "Bear Crew" and have performances in NYIT’s big events. Dance experience is not necessary as long as you are excited about getting involved and willing to learn!



L.I.F.E is a club designed for the purpose of bringing together and connecting our NYIT students. We heavily promote recreation, stress relief, anime culture, and gaming of all kinds. At L.I.F.E you can be yourself; it is an environment where your only focus is to relax and meet new people. Perspectives will be changed, teams formed, friends made, knowledge gained, and confidence instilled. Our students will be connected through common interests and will realize that there is more to Life at NYIT.



Our goal as the Student Theater Club is to give students on campus a new way to express themselves. It gives an underrepresented demographic, like actors, singers, etc. a voice on campus. We present the students with an interest in the dramatic arts a way to participate in join theatrical productions and perform a variety of roles, such as acting, directing, light and sound production.