The Department of Physics at New York Tech offers a B.S. in Physics degree for students interesting in pursuing careers in physics, lucrative career options in the physical sciences, and booming fields like data science and quantitative finance, which prize problem-solving and mathematical-modeling skills. Our Quantum Informatics concentration will equip graduates to be uniquely competitive in the emerging area of quantum technology.

We also offer courses enabling you to satisfy the degree requirements for majors in engineering and computer sciences, architecture, management, the humanities, and health professions. Physics is a key component of the university’s Discovery Core, a mandatory foundation sequence of integrated liberal arts and sciences courses designed to help develop critical thinking, communication, reasoning, and quantitative skills.

No matter what your major, you'll learn Physics in a friendly, supportive environment, with small classes and plenty of individual attention. We also offer a wealth of opportunities to get involved in cutting-edge research, in fields ranging from experimental biophysics to astrophysics, quantum information, and string theory!

Find out about the awesome research students are doing at New York Tech!

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Science for All

December 20, 2021

Science for All

New York Tech professors get creative while sharing their expertise, drawing on seemingly unrelated topics to reach their students and the general public.

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