Delta Population Health Institute

Delta Population Health Institute - The community engagement arm of NYITCOM

NYITCOM at Arkansas State University established the Delta Population Health Institute (DPHI) to create a culture of health through education, research, policy engagement, and community engagement.

For the Delta

Rural America is remarkably diverse from its geographic, demographic and socioeconomic landscape. The Mississippi Delta is home to 9.9 million people across eight states and 252 counties. Although the Delta has many great assets and is steeped in culture and history, the region has experienced some of the country’s most significant social, health and economic challenges.

DPHI knows that health starts where we grow, live, learn, work, and play. That's why we are committed to cultivating opportunities for health in our families, neighborhoods, schools, and jobs, achieving greater health equity among all people through out Arkansas and the Delta..

We work collaboratively across all sectors to cultivate thriving and resilient communities.

What We Do to Build Cultures of Health and Cultivate Resilient Communities:
  • Provide quality population health education and training
  • Engage in quality clinical outreach
  • Conduct community-based participatory research to inform evidence-based practices and guide policy change
  • Link valuable resources to local communities
  • Convene and partner with multi-sector stakeholders to promote positive health impacts

Our Team