Care-A-Van turning around in parking lot

Delta Care-a-van

The Delta Care-a-van is headed your way!

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine is committed to helping people in the Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta learn more about their health so they can live healthier lives. That's why we created the Delta Care-a-van.

The Delta Care-a-van makes regular stops in communities throughout Arkansas to provide free health screenings. When you visit the Delta Care-a-van, we'll check your blood pressure, your blood sugar and give you a stress/life satisfaction survey to help gauge your mental health.

We'll let you know the results right away, and if there's anything you need to address, we'll point you to the resources in your community that can give you the help you need, whether that's a doctor, a pharmacy, a dentist or another medical professional.

Check the dates below to see when we're scheduled to visit your community!

Date City Screening Location
September 19 Harrisburg Harrisburg Schools
September 20 Leachville BIC Elementary School
September 21 Walnut Ridge Beatles at the Ridge
September 28 Walnut Ridge Kids Health Fair
October 5 Lepanto Terrapin Derby