Campus Access Update

Last Updated April 06, 2021

All students who plan to access campus during the spring semester must obtain a COVID-19 diagnostic test up to seven days prior to the start of their in-person classes and provide negative test results. Learn more about our reopening plans and our complete campus access policies.


Register For Classes

Are you a …

New Student or Transfer Student?

Returning Student, re-enrolling at NYIT after more than one semester away?

Current Students

Step 1: Take Care Of Outstanding Business (Do not delay your ability to get into the classes you want)

  • File your FAFSA.
  • Submit any outstanding admissions documents and financial aid forms.
  • Pay any outstanding balances.
  • Review and clear any Holds or To Do items on your student account.
    You will be able to view a list of Holds that will prevent registration and view any outstanding To Do List items on the Student Center Tab in my.NYIT:
    • Holds: Items that can prevent you from registering include unpaid tuition or fees, academic advising requirements, missing admissions documents, immunizations, etc.
    • To Dos: The To Do List displays tasks you need to finish, such as completing a financial aid form or filing a FAFSA, etc. If you do not accomplish an open To Do item, it can become a Hold on your record.
    Take care of your unfinished business now to eliminate any delay in registration. Follow the instructions online or contact the appropriate person to make arrangements to clear any Holds and/or complete your To Do items as soon as possible.

Step 2: Print Out Required Forms


Step 3: Meet With A Peer Advisor (recommended for first-year students)


Step 4: Meet With Your Academic Advisor (required)


Step 5: Register For Classes

  • Log in to NYITConnect and use the Schedule Planner tool to prepare your schedule.
  • Send your selected schedule to your shopping cart and follow the steps to complete your course registration.
  • If you are unable to register online, take your signed registration form to the Enrollment Services Center.

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