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Last Updated September 10, 2020

Fall classes at the Long Island and New York City campuses are being offered remotely and in person.

For New York City and Long Island Campus Access Policy updates, go to For campus reopening plans, go to

Everyone coming to campus must complete a COVID-19 Health Screen questionnaire prior to arrival—see student questionnaire and employee/visitor questionnaire. Both are also found on or the NYIT app.

All students coming to campus must also have a COVID-19 test result on file with the university.


Manage Your Classes

Add/Drop a Course

To add or drop a course, consult with an advisor and complete an Add/Drop Form during the Add/Drop Period according to the Add/Drop Refund Policy in the NYIT Catalog.

Exact dates for add/drop periods are also listed in the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawals and Refunds

For information about refunds due to dropping, withdrawal, or dismissal, please consult the NYIT Catalog for the Withdrawal/Dismissal Refund Policy.

Withdraw from a Course

To withdraw from a course, you and your instructor must complete a withdrawal form, which the instructor must submit to the Office of the Registrar within 48 hours. No withdrawals are allowed during the final exam period. Withdrawal grades and penalties, if any, are assigned according to date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal (W) Grade:

  • May be assigned for official, approved course withdrawal during the withdrawal period
  • Does not affect grade point average
  • May affect financial aid eligibility

Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) Grade:

  • May be assigned for courses you have stopped attending without officially withdrawing
  • Does not affect grade point average
  • May affect financial aid eligibility

Withdrawal Schedule:

  • Fall/Spring: Week 3 until Final Exams
  • Cycle A, B, C, or D: Class Session 3 until Final Exams
  • Summer I, II, III, or Intersession: Class Session 3 until Final Exams

The withdrawal period dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.

NOTE: Please refer to the Nursing section in the NYIT catalog for special rules governing course withdrawals in that program.


To withdraw from all courses, complete the Withdrawal From All Courses form. Refer to the NYIT Catalog about the tuition liability and financial aid implications.

Please note that NYIT does not offer leaves of absence outside of NYITCOM.

Change Your Major

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Consult with your current advisor and the advisor for the new program to determine requirements of that major and to make sure you are ready to make the change.
  2. Fill out an Application to Change Undergraduate Major.
  3. Obtain signatures from the deans or designees of both the school in which you are currently majoring and the school that offers the major you are considering.
  4. Bring the application to the Office of the Registrar to process the change.

Graduate Students:


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