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Sheldon Yao                            

Our department is dedicated to educating our students in the philosophy and practice of osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM).  We foster an environment of hands-on learning and encourage our students to utilize their osteopathic skills in the care of their patients. The department provides osteopathic care to the community through NYITCOM’s clinical sites, including :

Our faculty also conduct research to further the understanding of osteopathic medicine through technology and research. The department has been making great strides in osteopathic educational research, including the application of ultrasound imaging, and clinical research, especially in the fields of Parkinson’s disease and sports concussion injuries. We have dedicated faculty and staff committed to promoting student success in osteopathic medical care.

Sheldon Yao, D.O.
Chair, Department of OMM


By cultivating scholarly exploration, we empower our students to develop the tools they need—using their hands, minds, and hearts to promote optimal health and to set the highest standards for the integration of osteopathic manipulative principles into the practice of medicine.


The OMM department upholds the following core values:

  • Cutting-edge discovery and scholarship with support and motivation of student excellence.
  • Innovative and outcomes-based education and training.
  • Emphasis on primary care with family-centered and culturally competent healthcare.
  • The rights of all patients to high-quality healthcare and optimum health outcomes.
  • Professionalism with one another, colleagues, trainees, and staff.
  • Lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Advocacy on behalf of patients and the public.
  • Collaborative relationships with other organizations and fields of study.


Our faculty members conduct research examining the best practices and utilization of technology in osteopathic manipulative medicine across several areas, including:

  • Cervical dystonia
  • Medical education
  • Motor function
  • Nervous system
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Pre- and postnatal health
  • Sports medicine


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