Center for Biomedical Innovation

Center for Biomedical Innovation

Welcome to the New York Tech Center for Biomedical Innovation!


To contribute to research and educational programs at NYITCOM through unconventional and exploratory technology-focused projects. Collaboration is central to the CBI’s mission with ongoing efforts between departments of the College of Osteopathic Medicine as well as collaborations with other NYIT Colleges. The director and core faculty of the CBI will continue forging collaborations with other institutions and outside firms in emerging technologies.

Research and Development

  1. Microscopy, Other Imaging, and Spatial Computing
  2. Robotics, Sensing and 3D Printing Technology
  3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Virtual reality has become a medium and tool used in many of the CBI projects spanning the three main research areas.


New York Tech campus in Old Westbury, NY. The CBI has labs and equipment in a multiple places on the campus with the main CBI lab space located in the De Seversky mansion.

NYIT Imaging Center Systems

  • Zeiss 980 Airy Scan2 Inverted Confocal Microscope
  • ONI Nanoimager single-molecule super-resolution localization microscope
  • Nikon C2 upright confocal microscope
  • Zeiss automated fluorescence and brightfield slide scanning microscope
  • Zeiss Axio Observer inverted fluorescence microscope with Apotome2 optical sectioning
  • High-end image analysis workstations with specialized image processing software

Dr. Randy Stout, Assistant Professor,
Biomedical Sciences,
Director of the CBI and NYIT Imaging Center

The efforts of the CBI are overseen by Dr. Nicole Wadsworth, Dean, NYITCOM