Admitted Students:
Émigré Physicians Program

We look forward to seeing you on campus. Before you begin your studies, here is a quick to-do list:

Step 1: Confirm Your Enrollment


All students must confirm their full participation according to NYITCOM Technical Standards. To accept your seat in the entering class, please submit your $1,500 nonrefundable tuition deposit and return the Acceptance Reply Form before the deadline stated in your acceptance email by following these instructions:

  1. Activate your my.NYIT portal.
    • Go to and enter your NYIT ID Number, Last Name/Surname, fill in the Captcha and click Submit. Follow all the prompts and activate your NYIT account that gives you access to the Student Service HUB to confirm enrollment, pay your tuition deposit, and more.
      *For more information on how to set up your account review the pdf attached to your acceptance email.
  2. Submit your deposit.
    • Log in to My.NYIT
    • Click on “Student Service Hub”
    • Click on “My Student Account”
    • Select “My Account”
    • Then select “Make a Payment” on the left
    • Look for the “Tuition (Enrollment) Deposit” tile and click “View Details”
    • A window to right will come up where you enter the amount as $1500. Under the term, you will select “Term 2023 – 2024”
    • Select “Add to Payment” then “Continue”
    • On the next page choose your payment method and then choose “Continue”
  3. Complete the Acceptance Reply Form. Click on the link and follow the prompts. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Complete Your FAFSA


Complete your 2023–2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at It is important to use NYITCOM's code: E00546.

Step 3: Get Your Immunizations


New York State requires students to provide written proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, as well as two Meningitis/Menatra vaccinations or Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccination Response. Your signed/stamped Student Immunization Form must be received by New York Tech no later than two weeks after submitting your Acceptance Reply Form.

All medical students must submit a completed copy of the NYITCOM Student Immunization Form. The New York Tech Office of Wellness Services oversees immunization compliance and maintains all of the school's immunization records. All medical students must submit a completed copy of the NYITCOM Student Immunization Form to be uploaded to the immunization portal:

IMPORTANT NOTE - When completing the NYITCOM Student Immunization Form:Please complete Part I (Student Information) and Part II (Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccination Response). Your signature and the date are required in Part II of the form. If you have waived the vaccination, you must check the box in Part II of the form. Your healthcare provider should complete Part III with most recent vaccinations and provide a copy of the lab report if immunity is by blood titer. The provider's name, phone number, license number, state of practice, signature, and office stamp must be included.

Instructions for submitting your NYITCOM Student Immunization Form and Documents:

  1. Under the heading titled HOW TO COMPLETE, select the "NYITCOM Student Immunization Form," print and complete it.
    • NOTE: You do NOT need to complete the form titled "Student Tuberculosis Testing Form."
  2. Scroll down to SUBMIT FORMS and input all required information.
    • For the box titled SEMESTER ATTENDING, please type "NYITCOM2023."
    • For the CAMPUS, please choose "LONG ISLAND."
  3. Answer "NO" to the question about F1 or J1 Visa Students.
  4. Please read the provided statement and check the "I Acknowledge" box.
  5. Enter the characters displayed on the screen (in blue and yellow) and click the SUBMIT button.

IMPORTANT: Please retain a copy of your completed Immunization documents for your own records.

To begin the process for completing and uploading your required NYITCOM Student Immunization Form, please go to the New York Tech Immunization page.

For additional information, please contact the New York Tech Office of Wellness Services at

Step 4: Submit Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination


NYITCOM requires the COVID-19 vaccination and booster for all medical students. Please submit proof of the completed dose schedule and booster dose of your COVID-19 vaccination no later than two weeks after submitting your Acceptance Reply Form. You will submit your COVID-19 vaccination via this portal.

All other immunization documents will be submitted as instructed on the Admitted Student page.

If you have questions related to submission of proof of COVID-19 vaccination, please send your questions to



The purpose of the D.O./Ph.D. program is to develop well trained osteopathic physician-scientists through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates medicine and the life sciences, delivered through a combination of medical school and graduate school courses combined with in-depth research experiences. NYITCOM expects to admit two to three students per year to the combined D.O./Ph.D. program and is committed to providing the students with financial support for all years. The curriculum and training of students will utilize a standard 2–3/4–2 model in which the admitted students will pursue their medical education in years 1–2 (preclinical) and in years 6–7 (clinical). Ph.D. training will take place in years 3–5/6, as well as over the summers. If interested in applying to the D.O./Ph.D. program, required materials are listed below.

The following materials will be obtained from your EPP application:

  • Transcript(s) of U.S. coursework, if applicable
  • Letters of recommendation

Additional application materials to be submitted with the D.O./Ph.D. application:

  • Essay
  • CV – updated to include all research experience
  • Additional letters of recommendation from research mentors may be submitted, but are not required.

Selected candidates from the applicant pool will be interviewed by the Program Director and admissions committee members.

D.O./Ph.D. application instructions will be provided to you in your acceptance email. The deadline to submit the application is April 15, 2023. After that date, please contact to discuss your interest in the program with the program director, Dr. Michael Hadjiargyrou.

Step 6: Make Your Housing Arrangements


The Office of Student Life will send you a link with housing information in Spring 2023.

Step 7: Student Life


HEALTH INSURANCE: You will receive information from the Office of Student Life after April 1, 2023. Students admitted prior to April 1, 2023 and before June 1, 2023 will have 14 days to submit required forms. Students admitted after June 1, 2023 will have 7 days to submit forms.

ORIENTATION: You are required to attend orientation to learn about the curriculum, student services, and campus life; get to know your future classmates, faculty and staff; and get ready for life in medical school. All the information about orientation will be forthcoming in Spring of 2023.

SUPPLIES: You will be given a list of supplies you will need before the beginning of class. These supplies include, but are not limited to, medical equipment (paid for by the students) and scrubs and white coat (both paid for by NYITCOM). Students will be contacted about ordering these items.

Step 8: Pay Your Tuition Bill


All payments are due by April 15, 2023. Learn how to pay your tuition bill.