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Student Leadership

Get Involved!

College is more than a place to earn a degree. It’s a community where you can make a difference, find your voice, discover interests, and develop new strengths. To make the most of your college years, get involved beyond the classroom. The confidence and experience you’ll gain can make a world of difference to your future.

Campus Programming Board

The Campus Programming Board (CPB) is where the fun begins on campus. As a member of the CPB, you’ll help plan and organize a full calendar of large and small social events, entertainment, lectures, and service projects that bring enjoyment, inspiration, and connection to the student community.

Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC)

Are you interested in joining a fraternity or sorority?  Are you interested in becoming a part of a life-long brotherhood or sisterhood?  NYIT’s Fraternity and Sorority Life is the place for you!  The Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council houses several greek organizations and all of which serve to improve the campus community through programming, community service, leadership, and professional development.  IFSC is the primary representation for all collegiate and social fraternities and sororities at NYIT and they strive to promote higher learning and academic growth within Greek life. For more information, contact

Orientation Leader/First Year Experience Mentor

Become an Orientation Leader and help incoming students get a good start on campus. Welcome them to campus when they arrive, help familiarize them with campus life, and engage with them in group activities throughout the year. You can also work one-on-one as a First-Year Experience Mentor, helping a new student make a successful transition to college both academically and socially.

Interested? Contact the Office of the Dean of Students at

Peer Advisor

Joining the team at the Advising and Enrichment Center as a Peer Advisor is a great option for upperclassmen with good interpersonal skills and an affinity for details and strategic planning. You’ll answer students’ questions and help them navigate matters related to advisement and registration, including explaining degree requirements, using online tools such as NYITConnect, and planning their coursework.

Student Government Association

Have you ever thought about holding public office? Do you have a concern for the greater good? Do you like the idea of being an agent for change? Then a place on the executive board or legislative senate of the Student Government Association (SGA) is the place for you. The SGA represents the voice of the student body, advocating for improvements to campus life at every level. You will have a chance to build strong relationships with key administrators on campus as well as be a part of the funding process of clubs and organizations on campus!

The Campus Slate

Express yourself as a journalist, blogger, photographer, or editor; gain valuable experience and portfolio samples for whatever aspect of producing a newspaper most appeals to you by joining the staff of The Campus Slate.

Student Tutor

Do you excel in an academic area others might find difficult? Do you have a passion for your subject and the patience to pass your knowledge along? Are you reliable and find it rewarding to help others succeed? Then you’d be a great addition to the Learning Center on your campus as a student tutor.

Volunteer/Community Service Center

Community Service Centers (CSC) at New York Tech are the hub of the university’s commitment to social responsibility. They can help you get involved as a volunteer on campus or with community agencies, or you can become a regular CSC project coordinator, acting as an ambassador and liaison between New York Tech, clubs and organizations, and off-campus organizations and constituencies.

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