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Information Technology Services (ITS) is made up of coordinated teams of professionals who are responsible for discrete areas of technology and related services at New York Tech. We strategically identify and fulfill the tech needs of students, faculty, and staff at all of our campuses, optimizing and streamlining solutions that are forward-thinking and all-encompassing.


Information Technology Services advances the success of New York Tech and its students by understanding its community so well that solutions are sought, trusted, and in place as needs arise.


Information Technology Services partners with faculty, staff and students to leverage the power of information and technology by providing responsive services, reliable and secure access to high-quality information, and an empowering technological infrastructure.


  • Customer-Focused Solutions
  • Partnerships and Teamwork
  • Trust and Integrity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Disciplined Thought; Disciplined Action
  • Healthy Work Environment

The Greater Good

Technology is at its best when it brings people together for good.


Organization and Structure
Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services (ATS) collaborates with faculty to produce engaging and exceptional teaching, learning, and research experiences that increase student success by developing innovative content delivery through the thoughtful applications of technology-based tools. Using technology-based tools, ATS helps faculty bring their content into a vivid, engaging format that creates outstanding student experiences in the classroom or online.

Additionally, Academic Technology Services coordinates the university’s investments in digital tools and resources needed to enhance teaching, learning, research, and scholarship.

ATS offers group training sessions and one-on-one consulting services to explore learning technologies that create engaging online, blended, or onsite learning experiences for students.

Our team supports the academic technology applications on campus including the learning management system, integrity software, survey software, video conferencing systems, and other multimedia learning resources.

Academic Technology Services continually explores new and emerging academic technologies to learn their value and provide data for advancing selected technology for further campus-wide application and delivery.

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Client Services and Engagement

Client Services and Engagement is responsible for implementing an overall IT engagement, service, and support strategy that reflects the values of New York Tech and Information Technology Services (ITS). Client Services is responsible for all end-user support aspects of technology services and cultivating and maintaining excellent relationships with our client community. Client Services listens to understand the needs of our campus community, obtains feedback, and recalibrates ITS priorities and activities based on your feedback.

Additionally, our team aids with technology-related questions to the campus community and helps our users become more comfortable and fluent using technology. Our scope of support includes classrooms, labs, media services, mobile, laptop, desktop devices, and resources. Our team manages the IT service management system, which tracks all client requests for support.

We deliver support via remote and in-person methods for all New York Tech-supported platforms and work as your technology liaison with teams across the institution, including non-IT offices, to expedite solutions or requests for technical help.

We aim to ensure that your experience with New York Tech’s technological services and resources is smooth and productive. If you need assistance or want to share a suggestion, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Enterprise Application and Decision Support Systems

Enterprise Applications and Decision Support Systems provides advice and execution of support services for New York Tech’s comprehensive portfolio of administrative applications, reporting and data analytics support systems, databases, data interfaces/integrations, and core business processes. Staff members collaborate extensively with functional stakeholders and technical staff to define, build, and implement project plans; develop application enhancements; and maximize the benefits of supported applications.

The Application Support and Development team is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and continuing support of New York Tech’s enterprise business applications, both home-grown and third party. The team also serves as a line of support for business process solutions, troubleshoots issues with business applications, and helps optimize the use of business applications to improve productivity and efficiency across the university's business and academic units.

The Business Analytics and Data Management team is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and support of New York Tech’s business analytics and data management ecosystem. Working with our functional partners across the organization, we use data collection and analytics capabilities to help business units uncover organizational insights, and provide them with infrastructure and support services so that they can make data-informed decisions.

While IT Project Management is technically not a separate team or function solely sourced from within Enterprise Applications and Decision Support Systems, much of this work is centered within this department, including business process re-engineering leadership as well as functional and technical support to users of the university’s enterprise applications and decision support systems—especially project management support and business process improvement associated with implementation of new application services. By their very nature, the team constantly scans, researches, and learns about new and pioneering technology to best position the university strategically.

Enterprise IT Architecture and Security

The Enterprise IT Architecture and Security Department comprises three groups: Systems and Networking, Endpoint Solutions, and Telecommunications. Together, these teams are responsible for the engineering, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise servers and storage, network services, communication systems, internet connectivity, security infrastructure, and endpoint technologies. Much of the work done in the department is invisible to members of the community; but is used daily by everyone on and off campus.

Systems and Networking ensures the availability, integrity, and security of all data centers, hosted and cloud-based services, network connectivity, and secure access for all campuses. 

Endpoint Solutions is responsible for supporting the infrastructure required to centrally manage and support the end-user technology ecosystem our community requires. These solutions include the delivery of software, endpoint security, operating system patching, system configuration, automated collection of hardware/software inventory, POS devices, and physical/mobile access solutions.

Telecommunications coordinates global connectivity needs and supports the telecommunication infrastructure that enables enterprise level collaboration tools for the university. 

Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and Web Development Services is responsible for mobile and web application development that supports New York Tech’s academic and administrative needs. This includes responsibility for the web content management system for centrally managed websites, various custom web applications, the portal, and the deployment of mobile applications.

Office of the VP and CIO

The Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO serves as the central coordinating body for enterprise-level IT initiatives at the university, including high-level, long-term organizational goals, strategic direction, IT governance, and performance/process management. The office also addresses day-to-day operational concerns such as resource management, project management, cybersecurity, and strategy alignment. Transparency and inclusion in decision making, planning, budgeting, and day-to-day operations are core to the work and interactions of the various teams that make up Information Technology Services.

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