Mini-Research Grant Award 2021

The Fourth Annual Mini-Research Grant Award program application for 2021 closed on January 18, with an impressive 82 students submitting 55 research projects from 19 New York metropolitan area high schools. The Mini-Research Grant Award program selection committee reviewed all applications and selected 29 projects across 18 schools to fund with generous support from Voya Foundation.

Program interest and submission quality were strong again this year, with students and teachers reaching out from high schools beyond the local area with interest in applying. Due to New York Tech's commitment to undergrad research and to diversifying STEM leadership at all academic and socio-economic levels, eligible high school students are encouraged to apply annually.

Credit: Nishant Deshmukh, Class of 2021

2021 selected research project titles include:

  • The Association Between Father Presence and Support, Neighborhood Environment, and Preterm Birth in African American Women
  • Temporal changes in the leaf pigments of Acer platanoides, Cornus florida, and Ulmus parvifolia through the growing season from budding to senescence
  • A Novel Microbial Process to Accelerate Degradation and Demineralization of Bioplastics
  • Developmental Changes in the Preen Wax Composition of the Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)
  • The Misunderstood Mealworm: A Possible Answer to Plastic Pollution?
  • Students' Attitudes Towards Different Proposed Physical Education Classes
  • The Effect of the Spirit Bomb Origami Design on the Grasping Capability of a Pneumatic Soft Robotic Gripper
  • Converting Natural Byproducts into Soil Compost Using the Bokashi Method for Large Scale
  • Sucrose vs Drosophila melanogaster Hyperactivity
  • The Effect of Sugar Diets on Fruit Flies
  • The effect of green tea catechins on tumor progression in Solanum lycopersicum (tomato plants) infected with Agrobacterium tumfaciens
  • Veganism Can Save the World
  • "Widgets" potential application for children with autism
  • Sleep deprivation and cognitive effects of memory on American adolescents
  • How does gratitude affect one's quality of sleep and level of depression?

More Information

The application will open in Fall 2021 for the Fifth Annual Mini-Research Grant Award, which will be awarded in January 2022. The application includes student descriptions of projects and teacher recommendations. View the following information from the 2021 program.

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Learn more about our prestigious Mini-Research Grant Award committee members

Dr. Niharika Nath
Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences
NYIT College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Rosemary Gallagher
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
NYIT School of Health Professions

Dr. Wenjia Li
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences