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ACE and iAchieve

Achieving Collegiate Excellence(ACE)

ACE is designed to provide academic support to eligible undergraduate students who need to raise their cumulative GPA to meet scholarship requirements. Students are provided with individualized support and encouraged to explore their academic goals and plans to improve barriers to their academic success.

ACE eligibility is based on a student's cGPA, full-time enrollment status, and total number of credits completed. Eligible students must also meet SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) and must currently receive an institutional scholarship. For more information or to see if you are eligible, contact Financial Aid or contact the ACE Coordinator. Seniors and transfer students are not currently eligible for the ACE program.


iAchieve serves as a precursor to ACE and specifically targets freshmen in their second semester who have an institutional scholarship and would benefit from receiving one-on-one coaching. This program is designed to provide the same support and personalized guidance to students that has proven to be successful in the ACE program but offered earlier in the student’s academic career.

iAchieve eligibility is based on a student’s cGPA, full-time enrollment status, and they must be in their second semester of their freshman year. For more information or to see if you are eligible, contact Financial Aid or contact the iAchieve Coordinator.

ACE & iAchieve Program Requirements

  1. Students must attend a program orientation session to understand the requirements and expectations.
  2. Each student participating in ACE or iAchieve is assigned an academic coach who provides guidance and accountability for the duration of the program.
  3. Students must complete an end-of-program feedback survey.

Our Goal

The ACE and iAchieve programs have one overarching goal: to provide personalized support to eligible students that need to meet a specific cGPA to maintain an institutional scholarship by helping them achieve their academic goals, fulfill their academic potential and provide them with New York Tech resources to succeed.

Student Testimonials

The program was a life saver and a reminder to me that my academic career should be taken seriously and it’s a long term investment

The ACE Program has been one of the greatest things that has both helped me and guided me throughout this semester and the information that I learned from this program will definitely help me in the future.

The ACE program is a nice refresher when school becomes stressful and chaotic. It can open one’s eyes to many different resources on how to be a better student.

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Student Success Program Manager