Academic Programs in the School of Architecture & Design

The mission within the School of Architecture and Design is to deliver a 21st-century design education, which is technology-infused and culturally meaningful. Located at both New York campuses, New York Tech offers degrees in Architecture, Computational Technologies, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Health and Design, Interior Design, Urban Design and more.

Design is increasingly shaped by today's innovators, collaborators, and leaders, equipped with knowledge and experience with which to create culturally transformative, ethically and ecologically sound buildings, communities, and cities. We prepare our students for their future professional careers with a sequence of intensive design studios, alongside courses focusing on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in advanced technologies for design, fabrication and construction, history, theory, and liberal arts.

Our programs emphasize the exploration of creative design solutions in an intimate, ambitious, and nurturing environment. We aim to create globally engaged, environmentally sensitive, professionally accredited designers, with intellectual and artistic sensibility and technical proficiency.

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Digital Art and Design