Financial Aid Counseling and Support

NYITCOM provides its students with counseling and support to assist them with understanding financial aid eligibility requirements, application processes, and debt management including:

  1. A presentation on available financial aid and our application process is scheduled for all applicants during interview days
  2. Incoming and continuing students are encouraged to meet with the financial aid staff to go over available financial aid programs, application processes, and budgeting. In addition, all students are contacted by the financial aid staff before the second disbursement of funding to discuss refunds and possible return of projected refunds to lower debt loads.
  3. All students receiving loans must complete the entrance counseling on-line at Entering students are also required to attend Orientation at which time in-person loan entrance counseling program is given.
  4. Continuing students are referred to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for review of loan totals.
  5. Graduating students complete the exit interview on line at and are given an in-person exit interview. During the interview an AAMC representative speaks about loan repayment and a financial advisor discusses budgeting and investments.
  6. NYITCOM offers the CSFAA financial aid modules discussing loans and debt to all students.

For further information, please contact the financial aid office at 516.686.7764