Patient is receiving an eye exam to determine if his vision has been affected by a potential concussion.

Concussion Evaluation & Treatment

If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion from a fall, accident, or athletic condition, you’ll need comprehensive care and therapy to help you return to your favorite activities.

Learn about the concussion treatments at NYIT Center for Sports Medicine.

Learn about the concussion treatments at NYIT Center for Sports Medicine.

Medical and healthcare experts at NYIT Center for Sports Medicine provide you with personalized care plans that use the latest technology and treatments to help you recover, including:

  • Neurologic exams.
  • Sensory organization tests (SOT): a computerized assessment of the three sensory systems in your body that maintain balance.
  • Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT®): a computerized cognitive assessment that measures visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed.
  • King-Devick Test©®: a timed test evaluating the quick, simultaneous movements of both eyes known as saccades.
  • Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM).

Our experts include physicians specializing in OMM and neurology, physical and occupational therapists, and psychologists.

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The NYIT Center for Sports Medicine is proud to serve as the official Concussion Management Team for Lawrence High School.

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Get a Baseline Test Before a Concussion Happens

With 3.8 million sports related concussions each year in the United States, the first, and by far the most important step in properly managing concussions comes before the injury happens. Even before an athlete steps foot on the field!

A baseline test allows us to measure the areas of brain function, so if an athlete gets a concussion, we can compare their post-injury state to their baseline parameters to make an accurate diagnosis and determine when they are safe to return to their sport.

Comprehensive Baseline Test (including ImPACT® King-Devick Test©®, and SOT): $20