Web-Based Professional Enrichment

Online Opportunity

Our web-based Professional Enrichment Program offers you online opportunities to earn PE points towards your degree. Sign-up using your NYIT email address to ensure free access to these courses.

The Digital Workshop

Improve your digital business skills with free tutorials from The Digital Workshop, Google’s online digital skills program. Learn how to promote your business online with tutorials on search engine optimization, advertising and social media, web analytics, e-commerce, and much more. Complete the course and receive an official Google and IAB certificate.

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When you complete the course, share a copy of the certificate via Google Drive or email to Deborah Cohn at dcohn02@nyit.edu.

International Expansion: Blueprint for Success

Learn how companies boost profits and expand through international partnerships. Taught by NYIT alumnus Anthony Gioeli (B.S. ‘84)—a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and global business executive—the International Expansion program covers:

  • The global business climate.
  • Leveraging existing relationships.
  • Market size and distribution.
  • Sales and support.
  • Research and development.
  • Product and technology licensing.

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IRB Training

In order to pursue research involving human subjects, research protocols must be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board. Prior to beginning research at NYIT, all key personnel, including students are required to register with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and complete an online training program. To register for Citi training for ethics in research, when you get to Step 7 of the online registration process, select "Group 2 - For all key personnel on ESB protocols."

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You may also take the IRB Training course for PE credit. Once you've completed the training, you will be prompted to print out a certificate of completion. Submit a copy of the certificate to Deborah Y. Cohn at dcohn02@nyit.edu to be awarded one PE point.

Certifications from HubSpot

Students can choose which Hubspot certification they are interested in and then send the earned certificate to dcohn02@nyit.edu for a PE point.

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