Institutional Review Board

Contact Eileen Gazzola, IRB Administrator at or 516.686.7488, for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects:

How to Submit a New Protocol for Review

  1. Complete the online CITI training module
  2. Obtain permissions and signatures as necessary
  3. NEW Software Platform CAYUSE: For new initial submissions, go to and start your new application. View instructions for completing protocol submission. Please note, for modifications, renewals, or terminations on legacy protocols, please submit the appropriate form to For assistance completing submissions, please contact Eileen Gazzola at For instructional videos on completing submissions, visit

Federal Policies and Guidance


IRB Human Research Protections Manual and Guidance for Submitting Protocols

The most common reason for delay in IRB review is lack of information about the study procedures, recruitment, or instruments. Please read the instructions carefully and answer all questions on the forms. Direct questions to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at x7488.

Completing the Required IRB Training

All key personnel, including students, are required to register with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and complete a CITI online training program before beginning their research. To register, follow the New Learner Account Registration instructions appended below. To complete the training, go to Once the training is completed, you will be prompted to print out a certificate of completion. Submit a copy of the certificate with your request for IRB approval. Keep a copy for your records.

What type of review should I request?

There are three types of protocols: exempt, expedited, and full review. If your project does not fall in one of the exempt or expedited categories, then it will be reviewed by the IRB at a monthly meeting. Please note: Protocols that qualify for exempt or expedited status are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted at any time.

What forms are required to submit my protocol to the IRB?

  • The Conflict of Interest/Financial Interest Disclosure Form (via Cayuse Software with your OKTA single sign on) is required for all protocols. Each investigator on the project must complete before the final IRB approval.
  • Guidelines for SARRC Review
  • Academic Health Care Center SARRC Flow Chart, Standard Operating Procedures Form, and Delegation of Responsibilities Log (Word). (Complete and attach the Standard Operating Procedures Form and Delegation of Responsibilities Log to all IRB applications involving the NYITCOM Academic Health Care Center (AHCC). AHCC protocols must be approved by the NYITCOM Scientific Advisory Research and Review Committee (SARRC) before they are submitted to the IRB. Review by the SARRC takes approximately 10 days. SARRC approval must be attached to the protocol at the time of IRB submission.)
  • Medical Education Research: Request Form for NYITCOM Institutional Research Data/NYITCOM Student Records (PDF). (Complete and attach to all IRB applications involving NYITCOM institutional data, student records, and/or medical education research. Any such protocol must be reviewed and approved by the NYITCOM Education Research Data Committee (ERDC), and ERDC notification of approval must be attached, before it is submitted to the IRB. Review by the ERDC takes approximately 10 business days.)
  • Collaboration Agreement Template (Required for any intended collaboration between NYITCOM and other schools and colleges of NYIT. Contact OSPAR for a copy of the template. See Grant Preparation page for instructions.)

Other Forms*

  • Protocol Renewal Fill-in Form: PDF | Word
  • Protocol Modification Fill-in Form: PDF | Word
  • Fill-in Report of Adverse Effects: PDF | Word
  • Protocol Termination Fill-in Form: PDF | Word
  • Procedures for Minors (High School Student Interns) Assisting with Research Activities: PDF
  • Attachment A – Additional Investigators and Key Personnel: PDF | Word
  • Attachment C – Student Participation in Research: PDF | Word

* If using the PDF versions, please download the forms and open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat in order to sign electronically.

Use the consent form templates provided below. One of these templates, as appropriate to your study, must be used. The consent form should be on department letterhead.

Consent form templates:

When should I submit my protocol?

Protocols that qualify for exempt or expedited status are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted at any time. Protocols that require full committee review should be submitted according the meeting and deadline schedule.

Where should I send my protocol?

Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Contact Eileen Gazzola, IRB Administrator at or 516.686.7488, for more information.