Student Advisory Board

Be a Voice for New York Tech Students

Join our Student Advisory Board and serve as a conduit between students and the dean. Help enhance learning experiences that improve career advancement, bringing greater experiential education, community impact, and professional enrichment into our academic programs. In the process, you’ll learn what it’s like to serve on a board of directors and develop your leadership and team-building skills. You’ll also become familiar with organizational protocol and best practices for influencing change within workplace environments.

Advisory Board members are encouraged to freely express their opinions and suggestions. The board focuses on furthering the development of high-quality, career advancing business education opportunities. The input of the board leads to continued program growth, effectiveness, and opportunities within the School of Management

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Advisory Board is to act as a voice and a conduit of students’ thoughts, ideas, and needs, and to generate value-adding contributions in advancing the NYIT School of Management’s mission.

Goals and Assessment

Participation in the Student Advisory Board is structured around creating new learning experiences designed to expand our current academic programs and better prepare New York Tech students for the global marketplace. The Student Advisory Board is focused on achieving results that students will see during their time at New York Tech. Meetings are held in a student-only environment, and officers are appointed with designated roles and responsibilities. The Student Advisory Board serves as the Deans main channel of communication. To accomplish these, board members perform several tasks:

  • Monthly meetings; conduct regular meetings with other students and elect officers who must fulfill certain responsibilities
  • Annual reports to and periodic meetings with the Dean;
  • Participation in Accreditation requirements
  • compile a list of student feedback based on surveys, report to the dean, and make recommendations on how to incorporate their suggestions
  • coordinate with multiple New York Tech campuses to ensure fair representation of students interest, programs, departments, and campus life groups
  • file an annual report that includes metric-based outcomes and assesses the overall quality of School of Management academic programs
  • Annual assessment of facilities, resources and programs
  • create a SWOT analysis and performing ongoing surveys to best measure learning goals and determine best ways to address student concerns and future opportunities
  • Participation in annual Stakeholder’s Conference

Student Code of Conduct