About the School of Management

NYIT’s School of Management offers young entrepreneurs all the tools in the toolbox to succeed upon graduation, including a rehearsal of the ever-important “elevator pitch.”


To be a preeminent and distinguishable leader among institutions of higher education in the provision of internationally based academic business programs.


To provide high-quality, career-advancing business education opportunities within the context of a dynamic, technologically enabled, and global business environment, emphasizing activities and educational opportunities that are:

  • unique, innovative and non-conventional
  • highly inclusive and engaging
  • experiential in nature; and
  • highly personalized

with scholarship emphasizing elements related to technology, career orientatin/industry advancement, and globalization.

Positioning Statement

The NYIT School of Management stands apart from other academic institutions by way of its attention to the provision of requisite and contemporary academic and career-oriented student skill set development in the context of a service-oriented and competitive international marketplace, integrating experiential learning, professional enrichment, and technology-driven business education to ensure student success.

Campaign Statement

The School of Management mission is operationalized and supported by its campaign of Creating new TEMPOS ... in Global Business Education, signaling its commitment to best practice platforms and initiatives in higher education.