Research at School of Health Professions

Participating in research projects expands your New York Tech education far beyond the classroom. Working side by side with our expert faculty you’ll learn to:

  • work in collaborative, team-focused environments
  • identify your areas of interest under the guidance of faculty mentors
  • develop critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills
  • foster inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches
  • gain professional experiences that will advance your career as an independent researcher

Research Projects

Our patent-winning faculty members are working on cutting-edge research funded by internal and external grants. Recent projects include:


Does Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Improve Sleep Disturbances in Persons with Parkinson's Disease

Primary investigator: Veronica Southard, PT, D.H.Sc., and Joanne DiFrancisco-Donoghue, Ph.D.


The Use of Virtual Patient Software to Enhance Physician Assistant Student Knowledge and Competence

in Palliative Medicine and End-of-Life Care

Primary investigator: Kristine Prazak, M.S.


The Effect of the Graduate Record Examination on Minority Applications Experience at NYIT

Primary investigator: Corri Wolf, Ph.D.


Evaluation of Physician Assistant Student Knowledge & Perception of Competence in Palliative Symptom

Primary investigator: Kristine Prazak


The Effect of Mild Cold Exposure on Cognition in Persons with Tetraplegia

Primary investigator: John Handrakis, D.P.T., Ed.D.


The Influence of Cueing, Feedback, and Directed Attention in a Virtual Environment

Healthy Older Adults and Persons with Parkinson's Disease

Primary investigator: Rosemary Gallagher, Ph.D.