Research at School of Health Professions

Participating in research projects expands your NYIT education far beyond the classroom. Working side by side with our expert faculty you’ll learn to:

  • work in collaborative, team-focused environments
  • identify your areas of interest under the guidance of faculty mentors
  • develop critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills
  • foster inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches
  • gain professional experiences that will advance your career as an independent researcher

Research Projects

Our patent-winning faculty members are working on cutting-edge research funded by internal and external grants. Recent projects include:


Does Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Improve Sleep Disturbances in Persons with Parkinson's Disease

Primary investigator: Veronica Southard, PT, D.H.Sc., and Joanne DiFrancisco-Donoghue, Ph.D.


The Effect of the Graduate Record Examination on Minority Applications Experience at NYIT

Primary investigator: Corri Wolf, Ph.D.


The Use of Virtual Patient Software to Enhance Physician Assistant Student Knowledge and Competence

in Palliative Medicine and End-of-Life Care

Primary investigator: Kristine Prazak, M.S.


The Effect of Mild Cold Exposure on Cognition in Persons with Tetraplegia

Primary investigator: John Handrakis, D.P.T., Ed.D.


Evaluation of Physician Assistant Student Knowledge & Perception of Competence in Palliative Symptom

Primary investigator: Kristine Prazak


The Influence of Cueing, Feedback, and Directed Attention in a Virtual Environment

Healthy Older Adults and Persons with Parkinson's Disease

Primary investigator: Rosemary Gallagher, Ph.D.