Online Learning

The Online Advantage

Our Clinical Nutrition program is 100% online. The convenience and interactivity of online learning can be of tremendous advantage:

  • Take classes from the comfort of your own home, saving commuting time and costs
  • Fit learning into your own schedule. Our courses are asynchronous, so there’s no set time you need to login.
  • New online tools like Voicethreads makes it easy for you to post visual and audio messages and participate in class discussions.

Find Out if Online Learning is Right for You

What are your current obligations to work and family?

Take out your weekly calendar and realistically ask yourself how many hours you can devote to your studies including how much of your leisure time you’re willing to give up. On average, students devote 9-12 hours a week for each 3 credit course.

If you haven’t been in school for a while, maybe you should start with just one course your first semester to get acclimated. While you may be eager to complete the program quickly, taking fewer credits per semester may be the best way to ensure your success.

What type of student are you?

If you’re a motivated, independent learner with good time management skills, online study may be the perfect answer for you. But even if these are not your strengths, you can still succeed with our online program with proper expectations and preparation.

Do you have the appropriate hardware and software for online learning?

A computer with a large memory and an up-to-date operating system, along with access to a high speed internet connection, will help you view pages and submit assignments much more efficiently. A webcam will allow you to fully participate in web-conferencing, online presentations, and discussion board video posts. You may also be required to purchase additional software for specific courses.

Attending Courses Online

All online courses are accessed via Canvas.

  • To access Canvas, you will use the same Student ID and Password as you use to access your New York Tech email (
  • If you have not done so already, set up your New York Tech email account
  • Log in to Canvas
  • If you have difficulty logging into the system or need other technical support please contact the Helpdesk.

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