Student Outcomes

The individual student learning outcomes of the baccalaureate nursing program provide clear statements of expected student achievements, derived directly from the New York Tech nursing model, accreditation, and professional standards of practice and reflect the school's mission, core values, and expected student and program outcomes.

Upon graduation, the baccalaureate nursing student will:

  1. Apply established and evolving knowledge from other disciplines, including liberal arts and social sciences, in the formation of clinical judgements and innovative nursing practice.
  2. Synthesize nursing care that is person-centered—holistic, evidence-based, individualized, compassionate, inclusively respectful, and developmentally appropriate.
  3. Understand healthcare delivery from public health prevention to disease management that leads to the improvement of equitable population health outcomes.
  4. Demonstrate the synthesis, application, and dissemination of nursing knowledge.
  5. Apply the established and emerging principles of quality and safety to nursing care, system effectiveness, and individual performance.
  6. Establish effective communication strategies that optimize care, enhance the healthcare experience, and strengthen outcomes.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to effectively and proactively coordinate resources to provide safe, quality, equitable care that is inclusive of diverse populations.
  8. Use information, informatics processes, and technology to manage and improve quality and safe care that is inclusive of diverse populations.
  9. Apply principles of professional and ethical behavior preserving human rights in patient care and professional situations.
  10. Demonstrate leadership principles that foster the adaptation to ambiguity and change, life-long learning and ongoing self-reflection, advocacy for populations, and leadership roles within the healthcare arena.