At New York Tech, you will learn about Architecture by solving progressively more complex design challenges: in the studio, in the field, in professional settings, and in international competitions. We are deeply committed to sustainable design practices—it runs through all our curricula—and our graduate program in urban and regional design is at the forefront of innovative research in climate and environmental issues.

Our programs are offered at our Long Island and New York City campuses. We are the only school of architecture and design on Long Island and the only one in the New York City area with fully accredited programs in both architecture and interior design. Our alumni comprise the largest network of licensed architects in New York State and provide an incomparable source of guidance and employment opportunities.

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As the founder and principal of JMV Associates and JMV Architect, Jacqueline Velez (B.S.A.T. ’85) has had a chance to influence the shape of spaces and communities. “By creating and reshaping spaces and communities, we can make them appealing and elevate the occupants’ quality of life.”

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