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Architecture, Urban & Regional Design, M.S.

NYIT's graduate program in urban and regional design confronts the challenges of urban design in the context of 21st century cities and regions. The graduate program is located in New York City, drawing from world-class faculty, public-private organizations, and active professionals leading global practices based in the New York metropolitan area. This is a rigorous, demanding and ultimately rewarding graduate program, whose students will contribute to a creative, collaborative studio culture and engage in current, cutting-edge research that graduate faculty are currently undertaking professionally, from megacity development in Asia to climate change and cities. Recent graduate students have been awarded internships at prestigious firms and organizations.

Project New York: The Contemporary Metropolis – The design studio views the city as a body of work made by multiple actors; an indivisible and evolving organism shaped by infrastructure, development, public process and density. With sites in New York City, the students balanced bold visions for the city with marginalized communities’ access to services. The student projects draw from their research and outreach to question contemporary rules of engagement in shaping the contemporary metropolis.

The NYIT Urban Climate Lab – The Urban Climate Lab engages New York City as a climate laboratory, contributing to the critical dialog in New York City and other cities confronting climate change. Graduate students research the intersection of urban form, low-carbon cities, and climate to prepare for 21st century urban design practice. Drawing from leading-edge urban climate research and digital tools, the Spring 2017 Urban Climate Lab explored innovative urban design approaches for the redevelopment of Midtown East Manhattan-- NYC’s premier Central Business District-- whose ambitious rezoning plan is under review by the New York City Council. The Spring 2016 Urban Climate Lab tested and applied this research to design a compact, mixed-use eco-district in Midtown West, Manhattan. The far west side of midtown Manhattan is facing unprecedented growth in large-scale development. The challenge of both projects was to adapt to these dramatic changes and absorb the rising population while improving quality of life, all in the context of a changing climate. The Urban Climate Lab tested the hypothesis that re-configuring urban form according to climate-resilient principles provides co-benefits beyond strengthening the city’s adaptability to climate change; including reducing energy consumption and enhancing the quality of the public realm.

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Supporting Sustainable Megacities

NYIT investigates and seeks solutions to the big issues affecting megacities around the world.

Sustainable Megacities

A Day in the Life at NYIT (Architecture)

30 seconds is all it takes to tell the whirlwind story of an NYIT architecture student in Manhattan.

A Day in the Life

Designed for Humans: Resilient Architecture

Students and faculty at NYIT are designing green solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Resilient Design

Career Options

An NYIT degree is your passport to an exciting future in an in-demand field. Possible career opportunities for graduates with this degree include:

  • Architect-urban design specialist
  • Sustainable and resilient planning expert
  • Urban development policy expert

Tuition, Scholarships, & Financial Aid

We believe it's important to offer access to opportunity to all qualified students. NYIT has one of the lowest private tuitions in New York State and provides more than $40 million in institutional financial aid each year.

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