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Environmental Management, Advanced Certificate

Learn how to protect our environment from pollution and overdevelopment by gaining knowledge of environmental issues and regulations necessary to navigate regulatory requirements.

What You’ll Learn

Excellent for managers, engineers, and policymakers, the Environmental Management, Advanced Certificate will help you consider the consequences of your organization’s actions on air quality, water quality, and fragile habitats.

The program’s flexible curriculum in both environmental management and environmental technology prepares you to recognize environmental impacts, develop effective strategies, and monitor the progress of restoration efforts. You’ll also analyze and implement projects which achieve necessary objectives while maintaining compliance with environmental laws.

Career Options

  • Environmental Compliance Manager
  • Environmental Policy Analyst
  • Real Estate Assessor
  • Water Quality Manager
  • Waste Management Specialist

“I was able to take classes in hydrology, law, and mapping all in one semester. The professors use real-world examples to prepare you for your future career.”

Rachel Pereira (M.S. ’20)

Exceptional experiences.
Outstanding outcomes.






Top-Tier Ranking

USNWR Top Performer for Social Mobility

New York Tech is a Top Performer for Social Mobility among regional universities in the North.

How You’ll Succeed

You’ll work directly with faculty who have industry expertise in facilities management, contingency planning, security systems, and risk assessment.

In just six courses, you’ll be prepared to analyze potential hazards, develop effective strategies, and apply security technologies in specific situations.

Some credits/courses taken in this certificate program can be applied to the Energy Management, M.S.

USNWR Top Performer for Social Mobility

Top-Tier Ranking

New York Tech is a Top Performer for Social Mobility among regional universities in the North.

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