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Technical & Professional Communication Minor

As the use of technology in the workplace evolves at breakneck speed, so does the need for employees who can harness it to communicate professionally and effectively. This minor will give you technical skills in digital design, and help you understand how to use social media, blogs, and websites for business. You’ll also get the professional writing and speaking skills to succeed in the modern workforce.

Our program focuses on ethics as a foundation for technical writing, enabling you to provide employers with crucial, and ethically sound technical documentation. The minor will be particularly valuable to students pursuing careers in technical or medical professions.

Students undertaking the Technical and Professional Communication minor will be prepared to:

  • Utilize professional communication skills to produce materials, solve problems, and formulate solutions for expert and non-expert audiences.
  • Create written/oral/visual communication in a workplace environment individually and collaboratively.
  • Formulate social media structures to create positive return on investment for businesses and expand their reach.
  • Design and compose visual elements and integrate them into technical and professional texts.

To add this minor:

  • Fill out and sign the application form.
  • Bring the signed copy to John Misak, Balding House, room 103, or scan and email to, for review and signature.
  • Bring the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.
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