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Equity and Innovation Minor

Independent evaluations consistently rank New York Tech as one of the most diverse U.S. universities, with strong support for social mobility. That puts you in the perfect place to meld DEIB issues with your scholarship and your profession after graduation. Partnering with the Office of Student Engagement and Development, you'll explore programming, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities through a pathway of synthesizing, reflecting, and documenting your individual growth.

Through this minor program, you will:

  • Build connections between your major field and the DEIB issues that matter to you.
  • Demonstrate active engagement with diverse perspectives related to identities and communities that have been historically marginalized.
  • Analyze cultural, institutional, and/or systemic barriers to equity, justice, and/or inclusion.
  • Assess the role of technology and innovation in addressing inequity within your major field.
  • Synthesize knowledge of DEIB issues from various disciplines of humanistic inquiry.
  • Create an individualized plan as an aspiring professional for connecting DEIB issues with technological advances or other innovations with their major field.
  • Develop a public voice to communicate research findings related to DEIB, innovation, and major field intersections.

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