Vacuum forming is a process of heating a flat sheet a plastic and forming it over a prefabricated form using a stored vacuum process. Stock forms can be constructed from the CNC machine, 3-D printer, or any other process that provides a consistent surface condition. The forming process results a highly accurate and detailed plastic shell that can be painted and used for a paneling systems or a mold for casting.

The DI-Wire is a computer numerically-controlled wire bender that bends angles generated by a computer and applied to round metal stock material. Wireframe models for furniture, lighting fixtures, model parts, and gridshells are example applications.

Vacuum formers are available only in the New York City Fabrication Lab.

Submitting work
See shop technician for file and part setup

  • Save your files as follows: LastnameFirst_FileName.3dm
  • Submit files in the following formats: .pdf, .3dm, .dwg, and .dxf
  • Please specify if units used in the file are millimeters, meters, inches, or feet

NOTE: These vacuum formers may be operated only by trained personnel and used solely for academic projects. Unauthorized use will result in suspension of privileges. You may not submit files to the vacuum formers until you have read and agreed to all notices and guidelines.

Equipment Specs

Formech (New York City only)

This device forms plastic over objects such as CNC mills, 3-D prints, existing objects, etc., and is great for producing a casting mold or tiling and panel projects.

Formech Vacuum Former Machine
  • Materials: PETG and styrene
  • Maximum material thickness: .25 inches
  • Current colors available: White, black, yellow, red, green, and clear
  • Sheet size: 20 inches × 18 inches
  • Forming size: 10 inches × 17 inches
  • Depth of Draw: 7.3 inches


DI Wire Bender Closeup
  • Materials: High carbon steel, low carbon steel, copper, brass, and aluminum
  • Wire diameter: .063 inches or .125 inches
  • Feed accuracy: +/- .008 inches
  • Build size: 4.9 inches × 4.9 inches × 6.5 inches
  • Bend pin accuracy: +/- .5 degrees


  • New York City: 1855 Broadway, Room 1007
  • Long Island: Education Hall, Room 274