International Students Transfer Out Information

Upon entering the United States, all new international students must complete a mandatory SEVIS Check-In.

This process involves the collection of copies of your F-1 or J-1 visa documents as well as additional required information that we need to report your arrival in SEVIS and activate your status. Failure to do so will result in your F-1 record being canceled or your J-1 status being invalidated due to a failure to enroll.

Important: The earliest date you can arrive is December 23, 2024, arriving earlier than this date will cause you to be out of status and require you to return home and re-enter to properly activate your status. Do not rely on Customs and Border Patrol to inform you of this, you must know beforehand.

The latest date of arrival for the Spring 2024 semester is January 22, 2024. Late arrival letters will not be given, and it will be in your best interests to schedule your visa appointments early.

If you are unable to arrive by January 22, 2024, then you must contact Admissions to defer your entrance into the U.S. and Form I-20 start date to Summer or Fall 2024.

The following process must be followed by students looking to transfer from New York Tech: You must enter the country by January 22, 2024.

Do not avoid meeting with us prior to processing your transfer as this can further complicate the process for you. You will need to be transferred within 30 days of your arrival and your new school's courses must also begin within those same 30 days. If your new school's program does not start within 30 days of your arrival, then you will need to register for classes prior to transferring. Failure to do so will result in your record being terminated for failure to enroll prior to transferring. The deadline for you to transfer is January 22, 2024.


Step 1: Upload your SEVIS Documents

Follow the link here and begin uploading required documents.

You can start to upload your documents after entering the U.S. Please plan to complete the form prior to your selected SEVIS check-in time.

You will need the information below along with an electronic copy (.pdf, .jpg, .png, etc.) of the documents listed below to complete this step. (If you are not able to upload your documents in advance, bring the original documents with you to the check-in session.)

Required Documents

  • Form I-20 / DS-2019
    • Your New York Tech Form I-20 (for F-visa holders) or Form DS-2019 (for J-visa holders) used to enter the U.S.
  • Valid Passport
    • Biography page
  • F-1 or J-1 Visa
    • Date of Arrival Stamp (if available)
    • Copy of entry stamp page for Canadian citizens
  • I-94 Record
    • A printed or electronic copy of your most recent I-94 Record.
    • Note: This record cannot be created or be accessible until you have entered the US
    • Within 24 hours of your entry, you can retrieve your electronic I-94 online from the Customs and Border Patrol website.
    • You will need your passport information to retrieve your electronic I-94.
    • Remember that you will need to wait until you have entered the US to upload the I-94.
  • Local Address and Contact Information
    • Your local address in the U.S. and a U.S. phone number.
    • If you will have a temporary address when you arrive in the U.S., this is the address you should report during check-in. You can change it later if required.
  • Emergency and Local Contacts
    • Name and contact information (phone number and email) of at least one (1) local U.S. contact and two (2) emergency contacts (who must be family members)
  • Dependent Documentation, if applicable
    • Documents for any dependents that will enter the US with you (passport, visa stamp, I-20/DS-2019 and I-94 record)
    • Dependents can be legally recognized spouses or children (unmarried and under the age of 21) who will be joining you.

Step 2: Prepare Transfer Out Form and Additional Documents

Prepare the following documents which are necessary to process the transfer.

  1. New York Tech Initial Transfer Out Request Form
    • Completed by yourself, Enrollment Solutions, and the Office of Bursar
    • Proof of payment of administrative fee (see form for more information)
    • Follow the link here for payment information.

  2. Acceptance Letter of the school you are intending to transfer to
  3. Transfer Release Form from the school you are intending to transfer to (if they have one)
  4. Submit all documents together, partial documents will not be accepted

Step 3: Report to Transfer School

Once you have submitted your transfer documents, your record will be release in 5 business days, no earlier than that. You will receive the completed transfer release form as proof to submit to your new school.

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