About the College of Arts & Sciences

About the College of Arts & Sciences

Our Mission & Vision

NYIT’s College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing you with a quality education through the vital role we play in NYIT’s Discovery Core curriculum, through our engaging and relevant majors and professional programs, and through our leadership role in advancing the intellectual and cultural life at NYIT.

Our core curriculum is the cornerstone of all undergraduate experiences at NYIT. Our sequence of integrated liberal arts and sciences courses is designed to help you develop critical thinking, communication, reasoning, and quantitative skills as well as your aesthetic perception, historical knowledge, and cultural understanding. Together, these courses form the foundation of what is needed to develop a successful career and, more importantly, to become a truly educated person and a lifelong learner.

We strive to integrate technology into all of our majors and our innovative, interdisciplinary professional programs in order to prepare you for the challenges of today’s professional environment in an ever-changing global society.

Global Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers academic programs, core curriculum, and general education courses at NYIT’s campuses in China and the Mideast, in addition to the campuses in New York City and Old Westbury, New York.

In 2000, NYIT formed an alliance with the French school L’Ecole Française des attach ès de Presse et des Professionnels de la Communication (EFAP). This unique program allows EFAP students studying communication arts to spend either a semester or an entire year studying with our faculty while fully immersed in American culture. Students from EFAP have complete access to NYIT’s library resources and communication equipment, including audio and video studios. In addition, our Manhattan campus places these students in the heart of a major media and public relations market, offering them not only a great in-class experience, but also many internship opportunities.

The program is overseen by a French–speaking team that welcomes, orients, and accompanies students as they experience New York first hand. For more information, please visit EFAP.