Discovery Core

A sequence of courses in the arts and sciences, the Discovery Core curriculum sits at the heart of every New York Tech undergraduate's experience. Our Discovery Core provides you with more than just a broad range of subject matter; the courses will sharpen your curiosity and help you think critically and effectively across disciplines and cultural differences. The Discovery Core is a toolkit that will ensure you will be a lifelong learner and a responsible global citizen.

The Core Competencies

It takes more than specialized knowledge to succeed in today’s global marketplace. It takes the skills, understanding, and qualities of mind that are developed in the Discovery Core Curriculum, including:

  • Communication: sharing and exchanging information through written, verbal, and visual means
  • Literacy: reading, writing, accessing, evaluating, and using information, utilizing technology and quantitative methods
  • Critical/Analytical Thinking: decision making and problem solving based on research, logic, and qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Interdisciplinary Mindset and Skills: approaching issues or problems from a variety of perspectives and processes
  • Ethical/Moral and Civic Engagement: exploring ethical concepts, cultural nuances, and the responsibilities of global citizenship
  • Global Perspective/World View: discovering the nature and influence of culture as well as global interdependence
  • Process and Nature of Sciences and the Arts: appreciating the applications of research and creative processes

How It Works

In your first two years, you’ll take foundation courses in critical thinking, the scientific process, writing, and effective speaking. In your junior and senior years, choose from a range of highly focused seminars in the areas of Behavioral Science, Literature, Philosophy, Social Science, and Professional Communication.

NYIT Common Core (Academic Catalog)