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Learning Center Policies

At the Learning Center we have various policies and expectations for New York Tech students who schedule Peer Tutor appointments. Upon scheduling, all students will be required to complete an online contract reiterating the below policies. These policies are in place to ensure appropriate usage of the Learning Center and tutoring as a supplement to students' learning.

PREPAREDNESS: I acknowledge by making an appointment that I will be prepared for my session with my course notes and other materials. I will have reviewed concepts and attempted my assignments prior to my appointment.

Why does this policy exist?

Tutoring is a supplementary resource. The tutoring session should not be the first time a student is reading/learning the material. Students that study and practice prior to their sessions achieve the best results!

PARTICIPATION: I will take an active role in my session by solving problems, explaining concepts, asking questions, and responding to questions from my tutor. If the tutoring session includes work on a software platform, all the work must be done on my computer (not the tutor's).

Why does this policy exist?

The goal of the Learning Center tutoring is to make students independent learners. Tutors help you accomplish that by making sure you are actually solving problems, writing code, developing your designs, explaining processes, etc. during the session. So it's essential for students to actively participate. Don't worry about making mistakes; that's an essential component of the learning process!

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: A tutors role is to reinforce and review concepts and foster a collaborative learning environment. It is NOT to do a student's assignment for them. Students should not ask a tutor to do their work for them, as it puts your tutor in an ethical dilemma, and is a form of academic dishonesty.

Why does this policy exist?

All the work a student submits to their professor for a grade must be fully completed by the student. Tutors will help you learn the course material, but they are not allowed to provide you with answers/solutions to homework, projects, quizzes, and exams.

COURTESY and RESPECT: Students should interact with their tutors respectfully, during and outside of appointments. It is important to understand that Peer Tutors are students as well, and in turn their time outside of appointments should be respected, their instruction and approach to learning should be listened to, and they should be treated courteously.

* Concerns should be brought to the ASE at

Why does this policy exist?

Tutors are in the leadership position they are in because they found success in their courses, come highly recommended by faculty, and receive extensive training on how to effectively help students succeed academically. Therefore their feedback and guidance needs to be respected, including how students speak to and communicate with them. This also ensures that the Learning Center is a positive space for both tutors and students.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS: Students may not schedule more than three appointments, for the same course, within a given week.

  • Students may not schedule more than one appointment, for the same course, on the same day.
  • However, students may schedule more than one appointment, on the same day, for different courses.

Why does this policy exist?

Tutoring is most effective when students work on the course content by themselves first and bring specific questions to the session. It's also important to have a day or two in-between sessions, so students have sufficient time to study independently ahead of the next session.

LENGTH OF APPOINTMENTS: Tutoring appointments are limited to one hour and may extend by the tutor's discretion (but they may not be extended by more than 30 minutes).

Why does this policy exist?

Sixty minutes is a typical length for tutoring appointments across many programs. This policy ensures that students cannot rely on tutoring appointments as the only time they visit class material, and encourages a cycle of becoming independent learners by doing work on your own and bringing specific questions to tutors.

CANCELLATIONS: Even with proper notice, it is not in your best interest to repeatedly cancel tutoring sessions. Cancellations will be monitored, and if you have three or more combined cancellations or no-shows, your tutoring privileges will be suspended.

  • Alternative to canceling, please email your campus Learning Center, or your tutor, to reschedule your appointment.
  • If you MUST cancel, please leave an honest comment as to why, for us to take into consideration.

Why does this policy exist?

Peer Tutors are available to all New York Tech undergraduate students for appointments. Their time is also limited throughout the week, based on their course schedules and other involvement and positions. In order to respect their time, and make sure fellow students have access to appointments, cancellations are strictly monitored so appointment availability is not taken advantage of. We encourage all students to honor appointments they make at New York Tech, and onto your future careers and personal lives!

NO-SHOWS: The time of Learning Center tutors is valuable and is in high demand. Students should arrive on-time, communicate any circumstances with their tutor or the Learning Center, and attend all your scheduled sessions. Not showing up to an appointment should be avoided at all costs.

  • If you cannot make a scheduled appointment last minute, email your tutor as soon as possible, or contact the Learning Center (M–F) to reschedule.

If you have three or more combined cancellations or no-shows on your record, your tutoring privileges will be suspended.

Why does this policy exist?

For the same reasons the cancellation policy exists, so does our no-show policy. No-shows are strictly monitored so appointment availability is not taken advantage of and peer tutors do not prepare for, and wait for students to show. We encourage all students to honor appointments they make at New York Tech, and onto your future careers and personal lives, or to manage their appointment by canceling in a timely manner or contacting their tutor or Learning Center directly if they are no longer able to attend.

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