Resolve a Problem: Student Complaint Policy

Where Do You Go to Solve a Problem?

New York Institute of Technology is committed to addressing student concerns fairly and equitably in a responsive and timely manner. The university has a number of institutional policies and procedures that are designed to assist students in finding a resolution to concerns or complaints.

For general inquiries or if you are unsure where to begin in resolving a problem, please contact the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) at or 516.686.7878 for enrollment-related or academic problems.

For all other student-related issues, contact the Dean of Students on your campus:

Student Complaints

New York Tech believes many complaints can be resolved through an open, honest dialogue between the persons involved. In cases where that may not be possible, the following Student Complaint Policy can assist in facilitating a resolution.


Policies and Procedures

The Student Complaint Policy is designed to address concerns that are not subject to separate school policies or procedures. As such, it is not intended to address the following student issues, which each have their own formal review process:

In addition, students who have a complaint against a faculty member or academic administrator regarding an academic concern are expected to pursue the complaint resolution processes established in their specific department, school, and college.

A grievance is viewed as a formal complaint of unfair treatment or a violation of institutional policy that is not covered in separate policies. Other than the items listed above, a complaint that challenges the decisions or actions of university personnel will be considered under this procedure.

It is recommended that students first attempt to resolve the concern informally through direct communication with the administrator or staff person(s) involved in the complaint prior to submitting a formal grievance.

We ask that you follow these steps when pointing out a problem:

  • Be professional and courteous when making your request.
  • Provide your student ID number and name in your communication.
  • Describe specific, pertinent issues related to your concern.
  • Take down the name and title of the staff member with whom you communicate.
  • Be prepared to offer contact information: phone number, email address, best time to reach you, etc.

If that initial dialogue does not resolve the concern, or if there are reasons that prevent the parties from meeting, then the student grievance process should be invoked.

Student Complaint Policy

  1. If a grievance is not resolved informally with the appropriate administrator(s) and/or supervisor(s) within a reasonable amount of time, a complainant should submit the formal grievance for review immediately, not to exceed 10 days from the conclusion of attempt for the informal resolution. All pertinent information and evidence should be included in the complaint for review. The submission shall serve as the basis for all further consideration.
  2. The Dean of Students (or designee) shall initiate an investigation of the information and evidence submitted in the formal report from the complainant. Cases involving academic grievances may be referred to the appropriate academic division. The Dean of Students will involve other administrators and school leaders in the process as appropriate.
  3. As soon as practicable, the Dean for Students (or designee) shall formally notify the complainant in writing of the results of the investigation.

A student may request an information meeting for any clarification needed in understanding the outcome of the investigation with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Most investigations will conclude within 60 days. If more time is needed for the investigation, notification will be provided to the complainant informing them about the additional time needed. While confidentiality is not possible in a situation where there is an investigation, efforts will be made to maintain privacy. Furthermore, university policy prohibits any retaliation or threat of retaliation by or against the student filing the grievance or anyone else involved in the grievance investigation.

Grievance decisions rendered by the Office of the Dean of Students are final.

Additional Complaint Mechanisms