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Supplemental Instruction

Courses can be challenging!

Picture this: You're in class, listening intently to the professor explain a new concept. You're following along, but then you start to feel lost. You think, "Wait, what? I don't get this." It's okay. It happens to everyone.

Some of the courses you'll take at New York Tech are exceptionally challenging. Their complex subject matter and applications require extra time and practice to absorb and master. That's where Supplemental Instruction comes in. SI provides peer-led discussions to help you conquer these challenging subjects outside of regular class time.

How does SI work?

  • Selected course sections at New York Tech offer Supplemental Instruction (SI) based on student and professor interest.
  • Once enrolled in an SI-supported course, your SI Leader will announce session details in class and provide the online schedule. You will also receive a reminder to your university email.
  • Led by knowledgeable undergraduate SI Leaders recommended by professors, these sessions occur twice a week throughout the semester.
  • Join in to review difficult concepts, engage in discussions, prepare for exams, and develop effective learning and study skills.
  • By attending SI sessions consistently, you can expect a boost in your grades—research indicates a half to one grade increase compared to non-attendees.

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SI Leaders are undergraduate students who excelled in a particular course. In addition to mastery of the course material, they possess strong time management, communication, and organizational skills.

Learning Center Peer Tutoring
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Request an SI Leader for your course, who will review and reinforce difficult course material with enrolled students to enhance their understanding of the content.