New York Institute of Technology offers a variety of FREE peer and faculty-led tutoring services. These resources are available to all Undergraduate, New York Tech students.

It is our mission to support students in their courses, to build their confidence and gain a deep understanding of course material. You don’t have to do it alone! We encourage you to seek out tutoring whether it is one question from a study guide, or to help maintain a good academic standing across multiple classes. We are always here to help our students!

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Learning Center

Peer tutors are available both in-person on the Long Island and New York City campuses, and virtually online via Pencil Spaces. Receive one-on-one, convenient and interactive support from trained students who were successful in the course you are seeking help in.

Math Resource Center (MRC)

Visit the MRC to receive additional support from faculty tutors, who are available for drop-ins when you’re stuck, or weekly appointments for recurring help.

Writing Center

English professors are available to assist you with any writing assignment - from brainstorming ideas, to developing drafts and checking grammar.

Meet with a Librarian

Meet with a Librarian

Whether you're on or off campus, NYIT's librarians are available to help! We can help you navigate electronic resources and databases, construct effective search strategies, and identify sources for your research and coursework.

CoECS Programming Center

Struggling with programming? Not sure how linked lists work? Memory management strategies giving you trouble? The CoECS Programming Center offers free peer-tutoring to help you. We welcome students for one-time sessions or weekly appointments.

Online Learning Assistants

Additional Online Resources

Math & Physics Resources

Whether you are a life science, engineering, or computer science major, you need to know math and physics. Even if you are not in a math based major, you will have to take at least one math course, and anything you can do to boost your grade will help your GPA in the long run. Check out these links below on a variety of topics that include video tutorials, study guides, and practice questions.

Math Help

  • Brightstorm – Math: This site has a comprehensive collection of math video tutorials that can help you understand difficult concepts. The tutorials cover algebra, precalculus, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry.
  • Khan Academy – Algebra: Khan Academy is known all over the world for providing top quality video tutorials on a large variety of subjects. This link will take you to a site with tutorials on linear equations, quadratics, rational expressions, logarithms, imaginary and complex numbers, and more.
  • Khan Academy – Calculus: Just like for algebra (and many other subjects – feel free to explore Khan Academy's entire site), this site will provide you with video tutorials on subjects such as derivatives, divergence theorem, and surface integrals, just to name a few.
  • Khan Academy – Trigonometry: Some of the subjects covered in the tutorials on this site include basic trigonometry, radians, and inverse functions, among others.
  • Meta-Calculator: This link is an online calculator that offers many types of calculators, including graphing calculators, scientific calculators, and statistics calculators.
  • Wolfram/Alpha Homework Helper: This computational engine can provide solutions to your math problems. This should be used to check problems once you have already worked through them for practice.

Physics Help

  • Khan Academy – Physics: With tutorials on subjects ranging from magnetism to thermodynamics, this site will provide you with tools you need to understand difficult concepts.
  • Brightstorm – Physics: Videos ranging from the most basic concepts all the way to quantum physics. Make sure to check out this site to solidify your comprehension.
  • Sparknotes: Sparknotes offers study guides and reviews for the following topics in physics: vectors, kinematics, dynamics, work, energy and power, linear momentum, rotational motion, oscillations, gravitation, thermodynamics, magnetic fields, optics, and special relativity.

Biology Resources

If you plan on applying to graduate or medical school, maintaining a high GPA in college is crucial. Utilize our tutoring services above at the Learning Center for more help. If you have further questions, want to brush up on your skills, or just love exercising your biology knowledge (we know there are some of you out there!), check out these resources:

  • BioChemWeb.net: This site collects and organizes hundreds of published articles and web resources dealing with biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology.
  • Science Prof Online: Full of video tutorials, exercises, and interactive content to help increase your comprehension of general biology and microbiology.
  • Khan Academy – Biology: The Khan Academy offers thousands of video tutorials on many academic subjects, and is a great resource for anyone in higher education. This link will take you directly to the biology video section.
  • Brightstorm – Biology: Like Khan Academy, this site boasts many video tutorials on topics in biology including cell biology, microbiology, and ecology.

Chemistry Resources

Whether you are in nursing, premed, or occupational therapy, an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of chemistry is important to your future careers, and of course your GPA. Make sure that you are ready for whatever comes after college, whether you head straight into a career or make the commitment to attend medical school.

  • ChemCollective: A great collection of resources organized by topic and by type, so you can choose what kind of interactive resource works best for you.
  • Brightstorm – Chemistry: A large variety of topics, including chemistry, presented with videos and easy-to-read guides to help improve understanding and confidence in critical concepts.
  • Khan Academy – Chemistry: This site provides an extensive interactive video library, a community for questions and answers, a large bank of practice questions, and many more resources to help you to succeed in chemistry.
  • Wolfram Science – Chemistry: A broad index for references and definitions that you can locate quickly.

Business Resources

For some students (especially freshman), learning relatively new concepts about business like accounting, supply and demand, economics, and effective business writing can be a little overwhelming. Explore the links below to get a jump start on these important topics.


  • NYSSCPA Glossary: Utilize this site for its wide range of terminology when you need a quick definition, are writing a research paper, or just want to enhance your knowledge.


  • Khan Academy – Macroeconomics: Khan Academy is an online educational resource that provides video tutorials in a wide array of topics. This link brings you to interactive tutorials that will be helpful for college level macroeconomics.
  • Khan Academy – Microeconomics: Khan Academy provides the same great resources for learning college level microeconomics, and can help provide an additional level of comprehension.

Engineering Resources

Understanding concepts in engineering is a critical component for many majors at New York Tech; the following websites will help explain some of the most common topics in engineering. Make sure that you also sign up for tutoring at the Learning Center to get even more help in this field.

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering Lectures: A series of lectures that cover variable frequency, arc flash, and panel fabrication.
  • EE Times: An online journal covering current topics and breakthroughs in the field of electrical engineering.
  • Engineering Exchange: A community run blog and resource collection that provides video tutorials and news about current developments in the field. The question and answer thread and comment boxes allow you to become engaged with engineers from around the country.

Computer Science

  • Algorithms and Data Structures: This site provides research and reference materials on topics such as dynamic programming, recursion, and more.
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A comprehensive collection of lecture notes ranging from vectors all the way to linear programming. This is a great study and review site to solidify your understanding of your course material.
  • Computational Science and Discovery: An online scholarly journal free to the public with full text articles. This is a great resource for research papers and staying current with what research is being done by professionals in the field.
  • Overview of Computational Science: For students new to the major, check out this overview to get a sense of what your college courses (and beyond that, your career) will encompass.

Writing Resources

Whether you are a Communication Arts major, an Engineering major, or anything in between, it is imperative that you graduate from college with highly proficient writing skills. It will not only help you in your job search, but it is a critical part of being an active and engaged member of your community.

Writing Handbooks

  • The Little, Brown Handbook: This interactive guide book includes video tutorials and lessons on the writing process and techniques on crafting effective arguments.
  • Strunk and White: Elements of Style: One of the seminal books used to learn how to write clearly, effectively, and persuasively. This book is a quick read and an important one for anyone looking to improve their writing style.

Reference and Research

  • New York Tech Library Database: The New York Tech Library’s website is filled with important and useful resources, such as database search engines, video tutorials, and citation help.
  • Library of Congress: The Library of Congress has a large selection of historic newspapers, photos, and sound recordings which can serve as effective primary source materials.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab: A comprehensive writing site with multimedia resources covering everything from basic college composition to professional writing.
  • Google Scholar: Just like the Google you know and love, but for scholarly books and articles. This is a great resource when looking for academic articles on virtually any topic.
  • Citation Machine: Citing your sources is required, not optional – failure to cite properly could lead to unintended plagiarism. This site makes it easy – choose your format (MLA or APA), input the required information, and your citation will be created for you.

ESL Resources

Skill Building

Building up academic success skills is important in your academic career, but has far-reaching implications in your personal, social, and professional life as well. Make sure you are ready for the challenges of academic and professional success by working on these general life skills.

Time Management

  • Mind Tools - Time Management: This site includes a diagnostic quiz to see where you can improve on your time management skills. Once you have taken the quiz, the website offers plenty of resources to help you figure out how to effectively schedule your time, and stick to it.
  • 10 Easy Time Management Strategies: This article provides 10 clear and easy ways to implement strategies for effectively using and managing your time, allowing for academic, personal, and community involvement.


  • How to Study: A comprehensive collection of resources that will walk you through the studying process to make sure you are using your time as effectively as possible.
  • 9 Awesome Study Tips for College Students: This article provides some great tips and strategies for studying, from picking the right environment to staying on task and minimizing distractions.

Note Taking

  • Note Taking Methods: There are several proven methods for effectively taking notes. This site describes the Cornell Method, Outline Method, and Mapping Method. Check them out and see which one would work best for you.

Test Taking

  • Test Taking Strategies: These tips help students develop their test taking skills. Students are guided on how to prepare for and approach an exam, along with how to tackle different kinds of questions.

Preparing for Graduate School

For many professions, a bachelor’s degree is no longer adequate to get the job of your dreams. Whether you want to attend medical school, law school, business school, or continue in the humanities at the Master’s or PhD level, you need to be prepared for the application and admissions process.


  • MBA - GMAT: This is the official site for the GMAT where you can register for the exam, find study tips, learn general information about MBA programs and help start your career in the business world.
  • Kaplan Test Prep: A site to help you get started preparing for the GMAT exam. They provide study tips, GMAT courses, tutoring, and practice exams.
  • Princeton Review: The Princeton Review provides private personalized tutoring, online courses, study books, and study tips.
  • Khan Academy - GMAT: The Khan Academy offers free online video tutorials that guide students through practice questions to help you prepare.


  • ETS - GRE: The official site for the GRE where you can learn more about the GRE exam, register for the exam, and find some helpful study tips.
  • Kaplan - GRE: This site will help you prepare for the GRE exam. They provide online GRE courses, GRE study books, tutoring, study tips, and practice exams.
  • Princeton Review: A well known site that will help you start preparing for the GRE exam. They provide private personalized tutoring, online GRE courses, study books, practice exams and study tips.


  • LSAC - LSAT: The official site for law and prelaw students. Students can register for the LSAT and learn more about the exam and law school in general. Students have access to law forums and resources to help them start their law career.
  • Kaplan - LSAT: This site provides you with diagnostic exams, practice exams, study books, online LSAT courses, one to one tutoring, and classroom sessions.
  • Princeton Review: This site provides you with personalized private tutoring, online LSAT courses, study books, diagnostic exams, practice exams, and study tips.


  • AAMC - MCAT: The official site for medical and pre-med students. Students can register for the MCAT and learn more about the exam and different medical schools. Students have access to forums, diagnostic exams, updated news, and study tips.
  • Kaplan - MCAT: This Kaplan site provides you with diagnostic exams, practice exams, study books, online MCAT courses, one to one tutoring, and classroom sessions.
  • Princeton Review: Another well-known graduate school preparedness company, The Princeton Review provides you with personalized private tutoring, online MCAT courses, study books, diagnostic exams, practice exams, and study tips.


  • ETS - TOEFL: The official site for students looking to take the TOEFL exam. Students can learn more about the exam and register online. They also provide the students with study books, study tips, and other tips on how to prepare for the exam. Students have access to information webinars and numerous TOEFL resources.