Student Success Modules

Student Success Modules are mini online lessons that engage students in a topic designed to enhance their academic experience. Modules contain content, activities and brief knowledge checks that are organized in a way that create a clear learning path. Students participating in the ACE program must complete a minimum of 3 Student Success Modules per semester. Academic Coaches can make recommendations based on the needs of each student, however, students are encouraged to complete the modules that interest them.

Eligible students participating in the ACE and iAchieve programs will have access to these modules via an online Canvas course.

ACE Student Success Modules

Believe to Achieve

Discover what is in your control, how the brain works and changes, and learning strategies to help you succeed.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Whose New York Tech? Your New York Tech!

Understand the importance of belonging and its impact on college success, reflect on your experiences at New York Tech thus far and make plans for the future.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Improve your Time Management

Learn how to better manage your time, become more self-aware of your habits and stay organized. This module includes tips, tricks and information on time management.

Estimated Time: 45–60 Minutes

Set SMART Goals

Learn the SMART Goal Setting method and set SMART goals for the semester.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Learning and Study Techniques

Understand your own learning style while learning a new study skill.

Estimated Time: 45–60 Minutes

Test Taking Strategies

Learn subject specific strategies, learn how to manage your time during a test, and gain confidence while taking tests.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Becoming Resilient & Gritty

Learn how being gritty can be an attribute that aids in your success in college and in your future.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Communication Skills

Learn about verbal and nonverbal communication, how to professionally communicate with faculty and staff, and how to communicate via email, text, phone call and social media.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

AEC Guide to New York Tech Academic Requirements

Understand the academic requirements and standards, directly from our AEC advisors.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

Information Literacy

Understand, identify, find and evaluate information, research process and exploration.

Estimated Time: 45–60 Minutes

Financial Literacy

Learn how to manage your money, ways to pay for college and understand your tuition costs.

Estimated Time: 45–60 Minutes

Career Exploration

Explore your interests, major, and future career goals and how Career Services can get you started.

Estimated Time: 30–45 Minutes

iAchieve Student Success Modules

iManage my Time

Learn the basics of time management, how to use to-do lists and how to avoid procrastination.

Estimated Time: 15–30 Minutes

iFind my WHY at New York Tech

Explore why you are at New York Tech and what motivates you.

Estimated Time: 45–60 Minutes