B.S. with Accelerated M.S. or M.B.A. Options (4+1)

B.S. with Accelerated M.S. or M.B.A. Options (4+1)

The B.S. with Accelerated M.S. or M.B.A. Options (4+1) program in the School of Management allows undergraduate students with a consistent record of academic excellence the opportunity to earn bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years.

If you are in your junior year in one of the following B.S. in Business Administration concentrations:

You may be eligible to take graduate-level courses in your junior year and begin pursuing one of these graduate degrees:

Before applying for the accelerated program, please reach out to your School of Management advisor to confirm your eligibility. They will also work with you to plan your schedule for the B.S./M.B.A. or B.S./M.S.program.

Qualification Requirements

  • You must be in your junior year of an undergraduate Business Administration B.S. program at New York Tech and have a cumulative 2.75 GPA.
  • Students accepted into the Accelerated M.B.A. or M.S. (4+1) program are eligible to take up to nine credits in their junior and senior years that can be applied to both their undergraduate degree requirements and master's program within the School of Management at no additional cost.

Scholarship Opportunities

New York Tech undergraduate students who enroll in the 4+1 program will be eligible for the following scholarship opportunities:

  • Graduate Scholar Award: Up to $3,000 per year based on a GPA of 3.3 or above.
  • New York Tech Graduate Alumni Award: Allotted $1,000 tuition-only credit for every three credits, up to $6,000 per year ($3,000 per semester).
  • Assistantships: Qualified graduate students can pursue graduate, research, and teaching assistantships. These positions provide partial tuition remission in exchange for a specific number of hours of service per week to a New York Tech school or department.