Center for Risk Management

The NYIT School of Management’s Center for Risk Management prepares current and future risk management professionals. All decision-making processes involve elements of uncertainty. The ability to identify risks and manage them effectively is an essential part of successful management.

Academic Program Support

Risk management is integrated throughout the core of our undergraduate and graduate programs. Classes and professional enrichment activities are held on weekends and evenings at our Old Westbury and New York City campuses, providing scheduling flexibility for all students. Contemporary technology, including Bloomberg and advanced web strategies, provide cutting-edge academic experiences for all participants.

Professional Development and Workforce Solutions

We offer basic and advanced training to prospective risk professionals and managers as well as financial executives. This includes courses and seminars (e.g. Digital Media and Risk Management Certification), exam preparation training programs for those seeking professional designations, fee-based workshops to support retooling, and pro-bono seminars for community participants.

Experiential Learning

Interact and engage with cutting-edge professionals. Participation in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s annual “Fed Challenge,” and practicums that involve consulting opportunities in the business community strengthen workforce readiness upon graduation.

Research and Feedback

Advisory boards, proprietary research initiatives, networking activities, and seminars and workshops provide platforms to explore best-practice risk management solutions. Research specializations include finance, healthcare policy and management, legal risk, and compliance management.

For more information please contact:

Joshua Bienstock